Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Meet Piper {Photo Overload}

We had a very exciting weekend here at the Confessions house. We welcomed a new family member! Meet Piper!

You may know that our pup Baylee passed away back in August. We missed her dearly and for a little while, we just weren’t ready for a new puppy. But Sadie has asked, begged, and written letters to us, pleading for a puppy. We didn’t tell her for a while, but Ryan and I were already preparing. My college roommate, Melissa, breeds Miniature Schnauzers and for years, I have seen pictures and videos of her sweet puppies. I also love knowing the breeder and knowing it’s not a puppy mill, that the puppies are raised in her home with her family. On December 26, a new litter was born and a few days later, I heard from Melissa, asking us which puppy we would like. Man, that’s a hard decision! However, we knew it didn’t matter the color or type of puppy; we knew it would be love at first sight.

Which it was.

Over the past 8 weeks, we’ve been getting sweet photo and video updates, and every day we grew more and more excited to bring her home.

On Valentine’s Day, we decided to tell Sadie. We took her to a restaurant and gave her the news. She was overcome with emotion, she was so happy!

On Friday, we drove to Lancaster, SC to get our little pup. Of course, we loved her right away. She was a little reserved at first, a little hesitant… but once we got her home, her personality began to emerge. Over the weekend, we had a chance to get to know her and see how sweet and loving she is, and how playful and energetic she is! It’s amazing how quickly a puppy just climbs inside your heart and melts it!

Little Piper got an A+ at the vet this morning- just what we expected!

So… this is our first time having a puppy in about 17 years, so we are pretty much newbies. I mean, I’ve had puppies growing up and we did this with Baylee…but we are learning again. I found two books that I have been reading simultaneously and both are great: Lucky Dog Lessons by Brandon McMillan and Training the Best Dog Ever by Dawn Sylvia-Stasiewicz.

Maybe I’ll share a little of what we’ve learned once we are a little farther in the training process. Right now, we are working on going potty outside, which is going well so far, and sitting on command. The latter is harder because it means she has to be still. We are also working on adjusting to the crate…it’s not her favorite thing…yet.

If you’ve got great puppy tips and tricks, be sure to send them my way! We’ll keep you posted!

By the way, as I type this… here is Piper.

She is sleeping and barking in her sleep! What a funny pup!


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