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Disney Post # 2: Disney Eats

What do you think of when you think about Disney? Rides, right? Space Mountain, Seven Dwarves Mine Train... Characters? Mickey, Donald, the Muppets, Princesses... Well of course, those things are all amazing. And if you know me, then you know I'm all about a good ride. I'm planning to highlight a few favorites in Disney Post # 3. But if you didn't know, the food at Disney is pretty epic as well. In our past trips to Disney, we spent more time doing character experiences. This time we decided to do the International thing! Since our daughter isn't quite as into the princess thing now, we made reservations each night (except our last night) at a different country in Epcot. For those unfamiliar with Epcot, one of the best features of Epcot is the World Showcase. Eleven countries have a "land" or Pavillion, featuring restaurants, food carts, shops, and entertainment. The cast members to work in those "lands" are from the countries represented. Disney really tries to make this an authentic-feeling experience.

IMG 8136

IMG 8138

IMG 8137

Each of the restaurants featured accepts the Disney Dining Plan, but they don't all provide the same options. At some places, appetizers are included. At others they are not. Dessert was always included, though.

Les Chefs de France (France)

IMG 8155

IMG 8156

IMG 8149

This was our favorite restaurant of the trip-- both the food and service were amazing. The dining plan gave us each an appetizer, entree, and dessert. Our waiter, Kevin, was phenomenal and went above and beyond to make our experience wonderful. The french onion soup here was amazing, as was everything else, especially dessert!

Akershus (Norway)

IMG 8230

We actually did a Princess Storybook Dinner here. This wasn't my favorite food, but it did have the best appetizer selection. There was actually an appetizer buffet with lots of meats, cheeses, salads, veggies, and more. If you've got kiddos, this food isn't going to be that appealing to them, but the princess experience is fun.

IMG 8216

IMG 8218

IMG 8220

IMG 8226

IMG 8231

Little girls will enjoy being part of the princess parade and having the princesses stop by the table to meet and greet.

Nine Dragons (China)

IMG 8343

IMG 8342

We really enjoyed Nine Dragons. Appetizers aren't included in the dining plan here. We ended up trying several different dishes and sharing them, but we didn't get photos of our food, except for the dessert. (Are you noticing a trend here?)

IMG 8344

IMG 8345

Via Napoli (Italy)

IMG 8393

Italian... my favorite! I looked forward to this all week. The second we arrived, we knew we were in a good place. The atmosphere was very alive and it smelled soooo delicious. We got to watch the chefs preparing desserts as we waited. We probably should have gotten pizza, since they're kind of known for that, but we all opted for pasta: Spaghetti, Lasagna, and Alfredo Pasta. All were delicious, and so were the desserts! (Again...the only thing photographed!) Like Nine Dragons, no appetizer was included. However, we decided to order the Calamari- Ryan's favorite!

IMG 8401

IMG 8402

IMG 8403

La Cantina de San Angel (Mexico)

This one is a quick service, and it's definitely worth stopping in! La Cantina is located right on the water. It was sunny but breezy the day we visited- just perfect weather!

IMG 8338

We tried the tacos- both steak and chicken-- and both were delicious! We were so tired after spending a morning at Animal Kingdom that we really enjoyed the rest and the atmosphere here. After we ate, we did a little shopping in the San Angel Inn, which is a little plaza of shops located inside a pyramid.

IMG 8341

Be Our Guest (Magic Kingdom)

On our last evening, we had reservations at Be Our Guest. We had eaten there previously for breakfast and lunch, but never dinner. Be Our Guest is MASSIVE, as compared to Cinderella's Royal Table and other Disney restaurants. It's a little chaotic. However, our food here was amazing also. Of course, you must try The Gray Stuff if you visit!

IMG 8473

IMG 8474

Other Quick Signature Disney Eats

You must eat Mickey-Shaped food while at Disney. I think it's a rule.

IMG 8180

IMG 8197

IMG 8347

I also highly recommend the Dole Whip at Magic Kingdom- get the float!

IMG 8210

If you're a fan of hot dogs, you shoudl visit Casey's at Magic Kingdom for great hot dogs! Ryan had the Bacon Mac and Cheese Dog and it was enormous!

IMG 8519

We even brought home a few treats with our unused snack credits... like this Mickey Rice Krispie Treat!

IMG 8456

So... those are just a few of our favorite Disney eats from this trip. Do you have favorite Disney foods? Drop a comment below and let me know!

In other news... Wow, I sure do need to do some updating... my header photos are way old. That's not my hair color anymore. I'm also playing with some different Blogging Software for the Mac. I fell in love with Blogsy for iPads and I loved Live Writer for the PC platform but Mac didn't have as many options. I'm trying Mars Edit now...but if you have suggestions...I'm open!


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