Friday, August 9, 2013

Bacon Brussels Sprouts

Cool Things that happened this week:

*Successfully ate Whole30-compliant foods all week

*Taught a fantastic group of teachers in a writing workshop

*Taught some Zumba

*Had a fun and hilarious dinner with a group of friends

*Went back to yoga after a bit of a (*ahem*) hiatus.


Today is actually the last Friday off of the summer. (During summer months, we work 10-hour days and have Fridays off.) I am spending the day catching up on my blogging, possibly going to yoga, getting a massage (holla!) and maybe a little light shopping/errand-running.


Note to the husband...if you are reading...I said *LIGHT*. Do not panic.


Now that we are all caught up, lets talk about veggies. And bacon.


Once upon a time, I thought I hated Brussels Sprouts. Funny thing is...I actually never remember trying them as a kid! So, thirty-ish years later, here I am, not only eating them, but writing about them and taking pictures of them.


One of my favorite ways t eat them is halved, tossed in olive oil, and roasted with some salt and pepper. However, last week I thought I would try a new approach.


They have bacon. Does that interest you? Who doesn't love bacon?


AND there are only a few ingredients!


Bacon Brussels Sprouts



  • Olive Oil
  • Brussels Sprouts (I used about 10)
  • 3-4 strips of bacon (I used Earth Fare's Uncured Turkey Bacon)
  • Salt, pepper, garlic powder, to taste




Prepare your sprouts. Remove the outer wilted leaves and slice in half. Wash well to remove any grit and then let them dry. Then, shred them by slicing them. (Just place them cut-side down and slice lengthwise until they are thin strips.)


Heat 1 Tbsp. EVOO in a skillet over medium-high heat. Add the turkey bacon. (Note- my uncured turkey bacon produces very little bacon fat. If you use a fattier bacon, you may not need as much oil- or you may not need any.) Cook turkey bacon until browned and crisp and then set aside. Leave any bacon drippings in the pan.


Add the Brussels and start to sauté. While the sprouts are cooking, chop the bacon into smaller pieces. Then add the bacon back to the pan. Sprinkle salt, pepper, and garlic powder over the mix and cook until the sprouts are tender. Serve hot!


Happy weekending!



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