Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Techie Travel Tips

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I know many of you have been reading all my posts about my recent trip to San Antonio, Texas. I have mentioned before that I was there to attend the ISTE Conference. (ISTE=International Society for Technology in Education.)

Well, I was thinking about my trip and how many "techie tools" I used throughout the week. I thought that some of you might want to try out some of these as you travel this summer. Let me know if you have other "techie travel tools" to share! Just post a comment so others can see your favorites, also!

1. Touchnote

This has quickly become my very favorite App! Touchnote turns the photos on your phone or iPad into postcards or greeting cards that you can send to anyone- anywhere- in the world! You simply use the app to design the postcard. Check out the card I designed for my coworker, Barb:



For this postcard, I used Pic Collage to design the collage, and then I uploaded my collage onto the postcard. I filled in Barb's address and hit "send!" The postcard cost me 1 credit, which was about $1.25.

And then...

How easy is that? I am HORRIBLE about sending cards to people, mainly because it means I need to go to the store, buy a card, buy stamps, and them put it in the mailbox! With Touchnote... I can send them from my device! Plus, the cards are very high quality- nice and glossy and sturdy! They arrive quickly, also!
2. Yelp
You have probably heard me mention YELP before. Yelp is one of my favorite apps (also a website) for finding great places to eat or entertainment!
As we were walking through San Antonio, there were several times where we weren't sure where we wanted to eat, so I pulled up Yelp and searched for "restaurants nearby" or "breakfast/brunch nearby." Yelp quickly compiles a list of places that are close to your location (using GPS). You can view menus, price lists, and reviews all from the Yelp App. Plus, the many Yelp users leave photos and tips that help you to decide what to order!
I have never been let down by Yelp! AND Yelp always helps me to find unique, non-chain restaurants and locations that aren't the typical tourist traps.
3. Cluster
My sister Meredith actually told me about this app and it is great! More and more, I find myself snapping quick pics with my iPhone, and I am sure you do, too. Well, after a few days of travel, I find myself with dozens of pictures, and I would love to share them with my friends or family. However, if you are using your phone, then it is difficult to send multiple pictures to one person. With Cluster, you can upload multiple pictures at once and then share with friends and family. If they have the Cluster App, then they can quickly access your entire photo album! You can also email the album to anyone with an email address- regardless of whether they have the Cluster App. Talk about a time-saver, right?
Just create a new cluster...
Pick your photos...
Add details so you remember what each cluster contains...
And Boom! Cluster created. From here, you can share away with friends and family.

Only downside- you can't seem to import pics from Photo Stream into Cluster- they must be in your Camera Roll.

So there! Three techie tools to help make your vacation more fabulous! What are YOUR favorite "techie tools" when you travel? Please leave a comment with your favorite app or website!



  1. Ive been liking the app called "scout". Its like a GPS but you can click and find the nearest restruants to you, all the gas stations AND GAS PRICES that are around you, etc. Im still learning new apps on my phone and I definatly checked out the "touch note" Thats on I must say is the coolest!

  2. Yay! You were able to comment! Thanks for adding that app to the list- sounds great! I will have to check it out! -Liz

  3. Nice post, and timely. I'll be using Touchnote.

  4. It's so awesome! Perfect for you while traveling!

  5. Thanks Liz - we're completely humbled :)

    Raam (from Touchnote)

  6. Great post! Love hearing about new apps to try, and the post card one is cool! I shared with others (your link) since you mentioned Cluster... maybe we'll have a new Cluster with the family soon! #WBJHSurfsUp !!!

    Haha! ;)

  7. We are a bunch of dorks having a family hash tag, but I love it! Haha!


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