Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Murrell's Inlet and Wahoo's Fish House

A funny thing happens when you are on vacation. You forget the day...and the eat all kinds of delicious things...and in the back of your mind, you know it can't last forever. But it's so nice. I am appreciating this vacation so much. This is the first summer in the past 13 years where I have worked the whole summer, and it's so nice to take a week off!

A few pictures from tonight...

Tonight, we had a wonderful dinner and walk in Murrell's Inlet, SC. We have been coming to Murrell's Inlet for years, but we tried out a new restaurant tonight: Wahoo's Fish House.

We used one of my favorite apps/websites to pick the restaurant- Yelp! Wahoo's had really good reviews on Yelp, and they accept reservations. There was another restaurant we were interested in trying, but they don't accept reservations. This was okay before we had a little one with us...but when you have a five-year-old with you, waiting an hour or more for a table isn't feasible. Thankfully, we had a reservation and sat down right away!

I have to say that our server was awesome. She was on top of things the entire meal!

We started with fresh bread and peach butter!

I went for a Cosmopolitan. I mean, it IS vacation...

We had salads first. In retrospect, I wish I had shared a salad with Ryan because it was really big, with all kinds of toppings!

It was really hard to choose, because everything on the menu sounded amazing, but I ended up going with the dinner special: Amber Jack (fish) with bacon-cheddar grits and tempura asparagus.

Loved it! I never had this type of fish, but our server compared it to Mahi Mahi. It also reminded me of yellowfin tuna a little bit, texture-wise. The grits were also delicious! I rarely eat grits, but these were delicious! And the tempura asparagus was crunchy, but you could still taste the asparagus, which I liked.

The food at Wahoo's is delicious, but the view and atmosphere are also excellent. Wahoo's is located right on the Inlet, you you have these nice views of the water.


And they also have a fun (brightly-decorated) bar outside where you can order food and listen to live music.

It was such a nice night, so we decided to walk along the marshwalk on the inlet. I had no idea this boardwalk/marshwalk even existed, but it was neat to see all the other restaurants right near Wahoo's.


I love this picture that I was able to get of this row of restaurants!

If you are planning to be in the Myrtle Beach area, this would be a great place to have dinner one night, either inside or outside!

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Thanks, Wahoo's, for a great dinner tonight!



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