Thursday, May 30, 2013

A Few of My Favorite Things (Right Now, Anyways...)

I kept trying to decide what post I should write next. So in the end, I decided not to make a decision. I thought, "Why not throw it all together in one random post?" Yay for you! You get to read my rambly (is that a word?) thoughts.

Lets talk about some things I am loving right now.

1. These biscuits.


I saw this recipe for Sweet Plantain Drop Biscuits on PaleOMG about a week ago and couldn't wait to make them. I am always wary of Paleo baked goods- but these are fantastic! I have eaten them with sausage patties, with jelly, and with butter. Always a win. I will be making these again! Do yourself a favor and make them. You can click the link above to get the recipe!


2. Yes, I am stalking PaleOMG. I also made her stuffed sweet potato.


There's some food porn for you. Fantastic. (I wonder what kind of weird hits I will get on this post now that I wrote the word "porn." Twice.)


3. Frank's Hot Sauce. Best stuff ever.

Use it to make wings or the stuffing for those stuffed sweet potatoes. Or put it on anything. Drink it.


4. This song.

It's like I am a teenage girl or something! Whatever... Go ahead and judge me. I like it, and I like Justin Bieber, too.


5. This book.

I just finished it, and it was awesome. Have you read it? So many twists and surprises. Loved it. I want to know what you thought. Any opinions on the ending? I wanted a different ending, kind of.


6. This local market.

I have been stopping at The Peach Stand in Fort Mill to get sausage, strawberries, and more every week or two. The strawberries from Springs Farm are the best I have found around here. They put the ones in the grocery stores to shame! Their local meats are also wonderful. If you are in the area, check them out!


Well, I tried to make this list a nice round number: 10. But then I ran out of favorite things. So this will have to be my top 6 favorite things for right now.

What are YOU loving right now?


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  1. So this book was good? Just read Jenny Sanford's book which was interesting since you feel somewhat of a connection to them - being that they were head of this state at one time, but I need my next summer read... was this a good one?


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