Monday, April 8, 2013

Spring Break Festivities (Part 2)

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So, as you know...part of spring break was spent battling a nasty stomach virus. Is it just me, or has there been en excessive amount of this type of virus this year? In our family, we have had at least 3 stomach viruses this school year!

The only positive (or negative?) aspect of being sick was that I had the time to get obsessed with a new TV series.

Oh, Downton Abbey. You took me on such an emotional roller coaster. I actually watched seasons 1, 2, AND 3 during the break. This show is So. Good. I am not usually a fan of a historical fiction mini-series. I tend to like more realistic and modern TV, but I was hooked. There are so many parallel storylines to follow and the characters are so well-developed. I loved it! Now I have to wait for season 4 for who knows how long?!

Besides my Downton Abbey marathon, we had time to ride bikes in the park, eat some fro-yo, and and even hit a Charlotte Bobcats game!

Sadie loved the game. She loved doing all the stomping and clapping and cheering for "our team!"

By the time you read'll be Monday, and we will be back to our regular practice... I cannot even believe that summer is just about 9 weeks away! Bring on the sunshine and pool time!

Speaking of Pool Time... I am thinking it's about time for another Whole30. Anybody want to join me???



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