Sunday, February 10, 2013

Birthday Celebration!

Hello friends! I have missed you! We have had a little bit of a crazy week or two, and I just couldn't seem to make time to blog. But I am back tonight!

Guess what has happened... my baby is now FIVE years old! how did that happen?! She grows and changes so much every single week. It just astounds me. I cannot believe she will be starting kindergarten in August. Where does the time go?

For her birthday, she chose to go to the Red Bowl for dinner. She enjoyed her chicken and fried rice and really did an amazing job using chopsticks!

Afterwards, we headed home for presents and cake.

Two days later, it was time to party. She had her birthday party at Thomas Gymnastics, where she takes lessons. All the kiddos had lots of fun jumping on trampolines and into the foam pit!


Later that evening, we treated her to dinner at her favorite spot: Fuji Steakhouse...a.k.a. "The Cook In Front of You Restaurant!"

She showed off her chopsticks skills once again, and enjoyed the special attention when the employees sang to her!

Now, that's a serious birthday celebration! It was so much fun to experience it all with her. Happy birthday to my baby!

Preview: tomorrow I will tell you about MY birthday dinner which was just two days later... and ended up with a police chase. Yep. Coming soon...



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