Saturday, December 8, 2012

Surprise! A Star is Born!

Every year, Sadie's preschool puts on a school Christmas Pageant. I blogged about it two years ago, but last year I didn't. I was pretty busy this time last year getting ready for my sister Adrienne's wedding. Anyway, last year, Sadie was so excited about her school show. She practiced and practiced. We arrived early to get great seats on the front row, knowing our child would be the cutest in the class. The moment finally arrived, when we sat, cameras ready. She got up on the stage and... cried her little eyes out. This was so crazy, because if you know Sadie then you know... She's NOT shy.  

So this year, as the annual pageant approached, Ryan and I found ourselves getting nervous. We kept giving her advice.

  • If you get nervous, just look for me of the front row and I wil smile at you.
  • No one will be looking at you- they will be looking at all the other kids n stage.
We even resorted to bribery.

  • If you stay on the stage and do a good job, we can eat anywhere you want after the show. Any restaurant!
  • If you do a good job, I will buy you a ______. (Insert toy name here.)
On the day of the show, we weren't sure what would happen, but we held our breath and...


A star was born. Not only did she sing her heart out, but she smiled the whole time and put on a little show.
Then on Sunday, she did it again at the church Christmas pageant. One of the funniest moments was when she and the rest of the four-year-old angels (irony?) approached the stage. Our little diva was surprised to find herself behind one of the tallest little boys. I guess after getting a taste for performing, she was not going to take a back seat. She elbowed winged her way up to the front where she could enjoy the limelight.


A moment of surprise occurred when she realized the Baby Jesus was being played by an actual baby... Not a doll.

Don't you love little surprise moments?

I also love surprises you can eat. Like these cupcakes.


They look like ordinary white cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, right?

But if you open it up (or bite into it), you will find a sweet surprise inside! Sweet cherries!

If you need a tutorial on how to make filled cupcakes, click here. For these cupcakes, I used Comstock Cherry Pie Filling for the surprise inside. They I carefully covered up the evidence with cream cheese frosting.
Yes, I know my cupcake decorating needs work. Santa, if you are reading, I could use some cake decorating tools.
So go forth, my friends. Enjoy the surprises of the season!


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