Saturday, May 5, 2012

Meatza for Breakfast? Why not?

Hello, Saturday!  And hello Cinco de Mayo!  Are you headed out to a fiesta somewhere today?  We’re really not… just a few errands to run and things to take care of around the casa. 

Here are a couple of random observations.

1.  I realized this morning that about 90% of the time I am in the bathroom, a little someone follows me in there.  “Mommy, what are you doing?”  Ha! 

2.  Some of those kids’ shows really do increase your child’s vocabulary.  In the past few days, I have heard the following sentences:

  • “Mom, the red-headed woodpecker is endangered. Do you know what endangered means?  It means they are in trouble.”
  • “My friend Brooklyn has a caterpillar.  Soon it might make a chrysalis.”
  • “I wish I had skates that could go allegro.”

Thank you Fresh Beat Band, Dora, and Diego.  I guess our Saturday morning routine is relaxing AND educational.

3.  I am eating the most random breakfast ever.


Let’s do a quick Whole30 update and then we’ll get to that random breakfast. 

I am on Day 7 today, which means I have made it through a whole week!  Yeah!  It is going great!  I think I have got my energy back now that I have figured out what to eat when.  It’s funny learning to eat all over again.  :)  No headache yesterday and again—little-to-no knee pain!  That’s my favorite part!  I wanted something different yesterday, exercise-wise.  I was thinking about swimming.  I really miss swimming. I decided to do water aerobics instead.  It was great!  I think people have the wrong impression of water aerobics.  If you have the right teacher who really makes the workout tough, it can be a great workout.  It’s NOT just for little old ladies. 

Ok, so on to that breakfast.  Actually it was dinner last night after water aerobics and the leftovers were saved until today.  It’s called a “Meatza.”  Following Whole30 or a Paleo diet, I do not eat any grains.  So traditional pizza is out.   I happened to come across this recipe when blog-browsing over the past couple days, and I thought I would give it a shot.

I made very few changes.  I left out the green pepper and onion strips because my salsa was fresh and included both. 



It was actually really good!  It didn’t remind me at all of pizza except that I cut it in wedges, but the beef, avocado, and salsa tasted really good together!  It was really simple to make, too.  Only five minutes of prep, 20 minutes in the oven, and them topping it took no time at all.  I steamed some broccoli on the side to go with it. 

Click here to see the original recipe on the blog “The Clothes Make the Girl.”

And now I am having the leftovers for breakfast!  With carrots this time.  Yes, random.  But that’s ok.  :)

Question for YOU: do you eat random foods for breakfast or do you have to stick to the “traditional” breakfast foods?

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  1. While I do eat the traditional breakfast foods I'd much rather finish the leftovers to have something new and fresh for lunch.  My fave breakfast is mini corn dogs or apple dippers from Schwans, they are quick grab as you  head out the door foods.


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