Sunday, April 1, 2012

What Makes Me Happy

I’ve got some random pictures to post.  Usually, when that happens, I try to think about a way to tie them all together, so that my post can have a sort-of theme to it.  As I was going back through the pictures on my camera, I was thinking, “What fun.  What a great day.”  And that sort-of became the theme for today.

First of all… dance.


You guys all know how much I love Zumba.  It’s like therapy.  There’s nothing like it!  I had so much fun at a class today!

Second… family.  I have so much fun with these two!



Third… days at Carowinds.  Seriously—there is not much that is better than seeing your child make this face.  You know what this expression says?  I think it says, “Mom, this is pure joy!”




Fourth… getting to try our the newest ride with no waiting. I tried out the new Windseeker ride today.  We went at the perfect time and I didn’t have to wait more than 5 minutes to get on this ride. 



That’s me giving the thumbs-up.  (On the way back down.)


Fifth… Chinese Chicken and Mixed Veg. 


Sixth… homemade Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cups (recipe by Mama Pea).  I made these last week for a special gathering with friends and I am still thinking about them.




So… those are just a few things that have made me happy lately.  And I must mention that SPRING BREAK makes me pretty happy, too.  It means that we can go on another fun little outing tomorrow. 

What’s making you happy lately? 


  1. Yes! It WAS a great Zumba class today! I dont normally do Sundays but the new  place fit into my schedule just right! It is like theropy. And I give you another thumbs up!

  2. Hate we didn't get a chance to chat!!! Loved your purple tank! That color looks great on everyone!

  3. I thought you might like this little quote about happiness. Happiness


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