Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Picnic at the Lake

Today was an all-around wonderful day.  I started my day by helping a friend with a new Zumba class.  Usually, I can’t do any Zumba during the day, but since the first class was during spring break, I got to go in the morning!  Yay!  After Zumba, I met Ryan for lunch and we ran a few errands before picking up the munchkin.  We surprised her by taking her swimming right after school. 



We really wanted to (re)introduce her to the water before we get to summer and lots of pool time.  Last summer, she had just started swimming without the floaties, so we wanted to get her practicing again.

She was a little bit tentative at first, but then she had a blast.  We didn’t use floaties, but she was still very attached to a noodle.  I think after a few more visits, she’ll be back to her fish-self.

We decided tonight would be a fun night to have a picnic.  The weather was a little iffy-looking, so we weren’t sure whether it would work out, but lucky for us, it only sprinkled for a second and then cleared up and we enjoyed beautiful weather!  We also enjoyed shrimp and pineapple slaw.




The shrimp was delish.  All I do is use the bag of Zatarain’s seasoning and follow the directions on the bag.  The pineapple slaw was good too—crunchy and sweet.  I used this recipe from one of my favorite bloggers.


Yep… we packed PB&J for the kid while we ate shrimp.  Hehe!

Sadie enjoyed feeding the geese, kicking the soccer ball, and being her usual goofy self.


Sadie Lake




So pretty!  Perfect night!


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