Monday, March 26, 2012

Ryan and Liz’s Weekend Eats

You’ve already heard about our delicious dinner at Erin’s restaurant… but I thought you might like to see a few more pictures from our childless weekend. 

After I taught Zumba Thursday night, we met for a late dinner at The Red Bowl.  I couldn’t decide what to get, but ended up with sushi and Pad Thai Noodles…

Ryan and Liz Weekend 001

Ryan and Liz Weekend 003

On Saturday, I got up early to watch the Today Show.  My sister and her husband and some of their friends were in New York and they were going to attempt to get on TV outside NBC.  They were successful!  My sister’s friend Ellen was even selected to ask Hoda and kelly Pickler (guest host standing in for Kathy Lee) a question! 


Ellen is in the front on the left (green and blue stripes) and you can see half of my sister Meredith—in black and white stripes.  After the Today show aired on Friday, Today posted this pic via Instagram!  So fun!

(By the way, if you are on Instagram, you can follow me-- “couchpotatoliz” to see what I am up to each day!  Many of the pics you see in this post are Instagram pics.)

The weather was beautiful, so we enjoyed shopping at some local outdoor spots.  We also stopped by and traded in Ryan’s Blackberry for an iPhone.  It’s so funny how… just a few years ago… Blackberries were a very “cutting-edge” technology.  And now… not so much.  The hubby is having fun learning how to use it and find apps that he likes. 

Ryan and Liz Weekend 005

Ryan and Liz Weekend 004

On Saturday morning, I headed to Charlotte for a quick workshop on Cueing and Breakdown of Zumba moves.  Thios is one of the most challenging parts of being a Zumba instructor.  You have to be able to not only KNOW the routines backwards and forwards, but you also need to  be able to cue every move ahead of time, and break down the moves so that anyone can follow them.  Sound hard?  Well, it is.  Our company works hard to try and make sure all our instructors are able to do these things really well. 

After the workshop, Ryan came to meet me and we grabbed lunch at Lebowski’s. 

Fried pickles…

Ryan and Liz Weekend 006

and a Jerk-Style burger.

Ryan and Liz Weekend 007


We decided to keep it low-key for dinner.  We ended up at another Asian Bistro, Liu Liu’s.  We couldn’t decide what we felt like, so we had appetizers for dinner:

Ryan and Liz Weekend 009

lettuce wraps, calamari, California roll, and a Crunchy Tuna Roll.

Ryan and Liz Weekend 008

And a cocktail.  :) Cosmopolitan.

So… we weren’t productive at all on our long weekend, but as you can see, we ATE really well and we enjoyed the time together. 


  1. I just started taking Zumba again and have such respect for the instructors!  I am lucky to have a great instructor who always gives cues which makes it so much easier to follow, especially compared to classes I have taken in the past.  Thanks for helping to motivate me to get back to glad I did!  Keep up the good work!

    By the way...your weekend of food looks fabulous!

    Anne in KC

  2.  So fun reading this and getting to see the picture from Instagram - it was a fun trip and we did a LOT!  But now that I'm about to head out to the gym, your blog post just made me SUPER HUNGRY!  The sushi rolls, burger and FRIED PICKLES!?!?  Seriously, this is going to be tough!  ;)  Thanks for the shout out!  Hope it was a fun, childless weekend... and I agree - sure looks like you ate well!

  3. Tell me if you get this message!

  4. A fellow Zumba lover! So glad you have gotten back into it!

  5. Can't wait to hear about YOUR trip!!!


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