Tuesday, March 6, 2012

New Zumba Shoes!

I have been in serious need of new Zumba shoes, friends.  My old ones had really seen better days.  I have been waiting for these babies to arrive for four long weeks!  I like to design my shoes on NikeID.  They cost a little more, but you can pick out all the colors and you can even add a personalized message to the shoes!  Take a look at my new shoes…  

IMG_2591 IMG_2592


I love them and taught my first class in them tonight and they were wonderful.  These are the newest version of the Nike Free.  It’s actually a running shoe, and I love them for running, too.  But they are a great shoe for Zumba!

Check out the message I added…


Yes!  XCouch Potato!  Had to reflect the blogger side of me in my shoes.  :)  I was sad that Nike decided to take the personalized message off the heel and put it on the tongue of the shoe.  You can’t see it as well. 

I am on day 6 of my 60 for 31 challenge!  Today I completed 60 minutes of dance-fitness as I taught Zumba.  The most FUN way to exercise!  I have to confess that yesterday I had a slight slip-up.  We had dental visits for Sadie and me, which kept our afternoon busy.  I only got in a 35 minute walk.  :( 

Dentist and Walk 005

Dentist and Walk 003

Check out all the pretty blooms!

Dentist and Walk 004

However, it was a great walk and I am choosing to look at it in the positive light and just say, “Well, at least I got 30 minutes in!” 

AND… my little girlie had a wonderful first visit to the dentist.  She got all kinds of goodies like a toothbrush, kids flosser, sparkly toothpaste, and more. 



She was so proud!  (And so was I!)

Well, that’s a quick look at how my week has started off.  So far, so good!  How is your week going?


  1. OMG! Love the shoes.

  2. Thanks! They are soooo comfortable!!!

  3. Hi CouchPotatoLiz,

    I was thinking of getting the Nike Free's as well, but this site for Zumba shoes said that you should stay away from sneakers designed for running.

    How do you find the Free's? Are you able to move around easily? I really want to have a sneaker that I can run around in, as well as do my weekly Zumba class. I also looooove the way they look :)

  4. Hi there! I know sometimes running shoes are not the best for Zumba but these have a nice even surface on the bottom and try don't grip the floor too tightly. You can try a pair of Nike free shoes at sporting good stores like Dicks or Foot locker to see how you like them. My whole company that I work for wears them to teach Zumba! :)


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