Monday, March 12, 2012

Leftovers, Weekend Eats, and Lame Reality TV

Hello there, Monday.  Did you have trouble adjusting to the time change?  It seems like everyone I talked to today was talking about how much it affected them.  I know I couldn’t go to sleep forever last night… and 5:40 a.m. came around early.  :/

Tonight it was all about the leftovers.  Remember my quinoa last night?  (I love this picture!)


I love when I have leftover quinoa because I think it tastes just as good (or better) the next day.  Here’s my dinner bowl:

IMG_2667 \


tri-colored quinoa on the bottom, sauteed spinach on top, then a fried egg on the very top.  Sounds totally weird, believe me, I know.  But something about it is delicious!  Try it and you’ll see.  I am thinking a few slices of crunchy bacon would just push this over the edge into complete awesomeness.

I thought I would show off a few other breakfast/lunch/dinners from the weekend…


(I’ve really been in an orange mood lately.)


(Picnic plate: hummus, bell pepper strips, turkey slices, and edamame)


Breakfast casserole with whole wheat bread, eggs, baby spinach, and feta cheese… it needs a little tweaking.  But it was pretty good.


(I did like this picture in the morning light!)


And finally… tuna bruschetta… a very easy throw-together lunch.


Tuna, diced tomatoes, and feta cheese… serve on crackers or toast.


What kind of food finds have you discovered lately? 

So… I am about to finish up the Bachelor finale.  I swear, I can’t stay away from this show.  It’s just one of my guilty pleasures, I guess.  It’s cheesy and most of the relationships don’t last, but I always hold out hope…


  1. Your photography has gotten so good, Liz! And the food looks amazing! Some good ideas of things I should try! Delish!

  2. Thanks! I am learning different angles to try and get better pics. I love when I can capture the steam rising!


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