Sunday, January 22, 2012

Restaurant Week Cheat on Eat-In-Month

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  This was another nice weekend in the Confessions house!

Saturday was a really dreary, rainy day.  It seems like we’ve been having a lot of rain lately!  I really kinda wish it was snow!  This has definitely been the most up-and-down winter I have ever experienced, temperature-wise.  Today it was 40 degrees.  Tuesday it will be almost 70.  Mother nature is playing a fun little game with us.  Saturday morning, Sadie was invited to another birthday party, so we spent the morning partying.  Take a look at this video… wouldn’t you like to try this?  I sure would!  Next week, Sadie is actually having her birthday party at this same place.  Do you think they will let me try it out?

Then I had to head out in the pouring rain on a super-secret birthday present mission.  I’ve had my eye on a certain special gift for a certain little girl who is turning FOUR in just 9 days.  (I can’t believe it!)  The certain item I have been wanting was a little tricky to find, but I was able to locate it in a store 20 miles away.  I had to move quickly to grab it, which meant going out for a drive in the pouring rain.  It was a gross day, but I was successful!  Yay!  (I am sorry, friends, but I can’t reveal the super-secret present yet!  You’ll have to stay tuned!)

I got back home just in time to get showered, dressed, go vote, and head out for an evening with friends!



I know it is Eat-In Month, but it is also Restaurant Week here in Charlotte, so we decided to use our cheat a little.  We were heading to Dressler’s.  Ryan and I had never been there before, so it was fun to try out a new spot.  And of course it was fun to go out for an adult evening with friends!

Dirty Martini to start it all off…


For appetizers, Ryan and I chose Crispy Thai Calamari and The Wedgie.  Both were delicious.  I gave Ryan most of the calamari, but it was so good.  Crispy and a tiny bit spicy and sweet, too!  The Wedgie was crisp and crunchy.  It’s crazy how something so simple can taste so good.



Ryan went with steak for the main course (not pictured) and I chose Maryland Crab Cakes. 


I loved the crab cakes.  They had lots of crab in them.  I hate when it’s all filling and not so much crab.  That was not the case here.

And we finished things up with Apple Crisp for Ryan (ice cream on top)…


and Mom’s Cheesecake for me.  This cheesecake was divine.  Very fluffy and light. 


After eating in all month long, it was such a treat to eat out and to also eat such a delicious meal.  The service and the food was excellent.  It was worth it to cheat.  :)  I have to confess… we may be cheating again next weekend, too.  We’re looking forward to having some of our favorite people come and visit us, and I have a feeling there may be a few meals eaten out.  But I am really proud of us for making it all the way to January 21 without eating out! 

Reader Question: Where is your favorite place to eat out or get take-out?  What’s your favorite menu item?

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  Now… it’s time to gear up for another week! 


  1. Quite hilarious that we had almost the same meal as you guys did last night at Restaurant Week in Charlotte - we took advantage of the deals in Columbia this weekend too (dinner with friends at Saluda's in Five Points).  I started with a dirty Vodka martini, we both had a wedge salad and steaks to finish!  Looks like it was delicious!  See you guys soon - and looking forward to finding out what this super-surprise gift is for the birthday girl!!

  2. We are looking forward to it, too! Glad you had a great dinner out, too!


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