Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Packing Breakfasts and Lunches, Earth Fare Win

I know I have been away for a few days.  To be perfectly honest, I just haven’t had much blog-worthy activity.  It’s been pretty ho-hum here at the Confessions house.  So I thought I would just show you a couple of pics, just to show you what I’ve been up to.

Made an excellent batch of Easy Chili on Saturday which led to several lunches and snacks this week…


I like to serve chili over noodles—whole wheat noodles.  But I also like to eat my chili with baked tortilla chips, like a salsa.  Either way… yum. 

So. On to the breakfast and lunch packing.  I have to be at work pretty early.  I also drop off my little girl on the way.  That means that I have to be out the door in the morning pretty early.  That means that I don’t have time to make breakfast and eat at home.  So I pack it and take it with me.  I like to take items like:

  • oatmeal
  • fruit (see fruit find below!)
  • ham and cheese slices
  • grits (instant individual packets)

I made an awesome breakfast discovery that I want to share with you: Del Monte Fruit Naturals!


(click for source)

I bought the red grapefruit cups the other day just on a whim and I LOVE them.  It is seriously like biting into the juiciest, freshest grapefruit ever.  These are a lifesaver for breakfast.  I just throw them in my lunch bag and I have a healthy breakfast without all of the mess and cutting that grapefruit sometimes involves.  They also make cups of blueberries (hello cereal topping!), peaches, mixed berries, and mixed fruit!  I plan to try them all.

On to lunch…

I’ve been enjoying Potpourri Platters for lunches lately. 


These are the best kinds of lunches.  A little bit of everything.  Some of the things I like to throw in are (the goodies vary from day to day):

  • hummus (topped with tomatoes and/or feta cheese and/or cucumber)
  • pita rounds or pita chips
  • olives
  • turkey slices
  • clementine oranges (gotta enjoy them while they are in season!)
  • string cheese
  • almonds (I make my own mini packs of these.  I buy them in the bulk bins at Earth Fare and then count them out into small portions.  I just grab one of my premeasured portions and throw it in my lunch bag!)

Having ingredients like these on hand really has helped me to get through Eat-In Month.  It has helped me avoid spending extra money on lunches this month, and of course I can eat healthier when I am prepared.

Now, on another note, check out this haul of groceries from Earth Fare that I got for just $15!


I got an awesome coupon via text this morning (Click here to find out how to get coupons texted to you from EF) and I couldn’t wait to use it!  (If you get this coupon, hurry—it expires on Friday!)

I got:

  • veggie burgers
  • bananas
  • cheese puffs (like cheetos but a little healthier)
  • pesto
  • grapefruit
  • 2 Chobani yogurts
  • 3 healthy Ramen Noodle packs
  • tri-color quinoa (from the bulk bin)
  • almonds (bulk bin)
  • banana chips (bulk bin)

I love shopping the bulk bins.  It’s fun to pick out something new to try each time.  And I love being able to decide how much I want to buy of a product.



Wow.  What a boring post.  Listing my lunch ingredients?  My grocery list? Oh my goodness.  I better cook something fast so I have a better post next time!


  1. How in the world did you get all of that for $15?! I can literally walk to the Earth Fare across the street from us but we never go bc of the prices. Please share! Your eat in month stuff is always so inspiring!

    1. Grayson-- go to the link I posted and get that coupon for $10 off of $25! My total was $25, but with the coupon I only paid $15! Also-- Earth Fare can get expensive. But if you pay attention to what they have on sale, you will come out better. The Bulk Bins are where I usually shop. They have items you won't find other places (like tri-colored quinoa) and you can get it cheaper than buying a boxed version of the product. Usually I only ever need a 1/2 lb of anything I buy in the bulk bin. Earth Fare also has GREAT email coupons. If you are not signed up, do it now! They have free items every week! Once, with coupons, we walked out with eggs, potato chips, OJ, vegetarian breakfast sausage, and a bag of apples for like $5.

  2. I wish I knew how to combine healthy snacks and lunches for a better diet. You make it all look so good.

    1. Oh my goodness. I just throw together what is easy and available! I try to make sure I have some veg or fruits to throw in, but there really is no method to the madness! :)

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