Thursday, December 15, 2011

More Wedding Prep + Shopping with B, MOB, and Co-MOH

It’s finally here… the big wedding weekend!  I’m so excited!  It was no simple feat getting here.  There were multiple complications ov er the past few days, including…

  • a trip to the urgent care center for me (back injury—but feeling better now!)
  • a second trip to urgent care for Sadie—ear infection
  • A Rehearsal Dinner dress malfunction (mine)
  • thwarted shopping trip to Charlotte to get a new dress (an accident caused all lanes to be closed which jammed up traffic for hours)
  • a busted hose in my car

However, despite the numerous issues, I made it!  It actually worked out perfectly.  Even though I had so many obstacles getting here, I arrived safely and that is all that matters!  Now I am just waiting on the hus and the munchkin to join the party.

Don’t you love wedding lingo?  In case you’re not versed, here are a few abbreviations I might use over the next couple of days:

The B—The Bride

The B&G—The Bride and Groom

MOB—Mother of the Bride

FOB—Father of the Bride

MOH—Matron of Honor

Today, The B, the MOB, and the 2 MOHs went out to run a few pre-wedding errands.

We stopped by the reception venue to check out the setup… so pretty!  Can’t wait to see it all decorated for our event!



And then we had to run a few errands for hair clips, self tanner, makeup, and earrings and such. 




We made a quick stop for lunch, too—at Cheddar’s.  I had a house salad and Chicken Tortilla Soup.  The soup was great!  Loved all the tiny tortilla chips on top for garnish!



Tonight we are looking forward to some casual family time with the out-of-towners!  Tomorrow the BIG events BEGIN!!!


  1. Have such a wonderful, wonderful weekend! Give Adrienne all my love and best wishes for a marvelous life of love and happiness! What a way to start of the holidays!

  2. I found your blog from Pinterest and I just had to tell you that I LOVE IT!!!I'm so glad to start following you!


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