Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Lessons from Christmas 2011

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with your families.  The Confessions family just returned from a four-night stay with my parents and we just had a wonderful time.  I thought since I have been away for a few days that I would give a quick little recap.

Lesson number one… I think my child might just be the cutest thing I have ever seen in a Santa hat.  I know… I am biased. 


Lesson number two… my family knows how to do it right on Christmas Eve.  This tradition of pigging out enjoying goodies after church on Christmas Eve started way back since before I can remember.  Every Christmas Eve, we prepared all sorts of goodies to eat.  The menu varied from year-to-year, as we got older and were able to help, but some of the items were staples and reappeared each year: deviled eggs, summer sausage and cheese, my dad’s famous onion dip, shrimp, and veggies.


Lesson three… we are completely blessed.  Santa was very generous and we all received very special and generous gifts.  We are blessed beyond belief.

Lesson four… even when you haven’t seen your high school friends in three+ years, it’s like no time has passed.  The conversation didn’t miss a beat.



Lesson five… even if the doctor says, “This cough medicine is REALLY strong.  So please only use it at night."  That may not actually be accurate.  (Is it sad that I was so excited about my cough syrup with codeine?  So disappointed.  It didn’t help at all!)

Lesson six… after such fun and excitement, sometimes you have to come home to a super-easy dinner: meatball subs and homemade “fries.”  Oops. I just realized that we are missing a veg.  Well, we’ll try again tomorrow.



(Excuse the lack of photos.  I was feeling so bad that I just didn’t do a good job taking them.  Thankfully I am on the road to recovery now!)

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  1. We missed being with you this year, but we maintained the Christmas Eve tradition: shrimp, sausage, and libations, but with a few differences from my family of origin (humus with pita chips, brie, and gouda with crostini & bruschetta). Even though our service began at 10 PM and we didn't get home till midnight, we were able to pig out and drink up till after 2!


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