Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Superlatives

Remember your senior year in high school when everyone voted on the Senior Superlatives?  Some were a great honor (“Best Smile,” “Most Friendly,” or “Most Likely to Succeed”) while others were embarrassing (“Biggest Flirt”).  I never got a Senior Superlative.  I wonder what mine would have been if I had gotten one?

Another year has come and gone, and like most of you out there, I’m thinking back over the year.  This year was filled with both happy and sad moments, and a lot has changed since I posted my year-in-review last New Year’s Eve.  I don’t like to dwell on the past, but I do want to acknowledge some of the superlatives from this year. 

Most Mysterious Post:

“Out of My Hands”


When I published this post, all sorts of people were asking me, “What’s going on???”  Many people thought it was job-related… and it was!  Just not related to my full-time job!  Last January I made the decision to audition and join the Instructor Team with Queen City DanceOut.  Since then, my life has changed.  I’ve danced on a lot of stages in front of a lot of people since then and even performed in a parade.  And I have met some amazing people, too!  That’s the best part!


Most Emotional Post:

This one’s a tie between “A Different Kind of Valentine’s Day”


and “Special Blessings.”


If you’ve been reading for some time, then you know this year was extra tough, as we lost two of my grandparents this spring.  We have missed both of them so much this year, and it was hard to lose them so close together.  But their memories live on and we know the two of them are together in Heaven.


Funniest Post:

“A Sisterly Guide to Running Your First 5K”


This has probably gotten the most laughs this year.  It’s my honest look at how I got ready to run my first 5K. 


Most Popular Recipe:

Dixie-Style Dining: Mimi’s Christmas Breakfast


This is the easiest brunch/breakfast casserole you’ll ever make.  But it’s sooooo tasty.  I shared this in September and it it has been my most popular recipe EVER.  It was crazy popular on Pinterest.  Have you tried it yet?  If not, make it for your New Year’s Day breakfast!


Favorite New Recipe (for me):

Chicken Divan (my grandmother’s recipe)


Even though it wasn’t really a difficult recipe to make, this was one of my favorite recipes that I made this year.  It’s so hearty and warm.  I need to make this again soon! 

Biggest Celebration:

That’s easy: “I Do: Cheers to the Happy Couple”


It was so wonderful to end the year with such a fabulous family celebration.  My sister Adrienne got married to Paul in Greenville, a week before Christmas this year.  I am so happy for them!

Other things I have loved about 2011:

  • countless Zumba classes
  • sushi
  • 90210 reruns on the Soap Network
  • my new Canon Rebel camera
  • Pitbull songs
  • fun times with friends and family
  • celebrating 10 years of marriage

So there you have it… a little tiny look at 2011 in the Confessions House.  I want to thank all of you for reading.  When I started this blog in 2010, I never could have predicted how much I would love keeping up with it.  It’s a lot of work and sometimes the husband wants to throw my computer out the window because I spend so much time on it, but he put up with me anyway!  (Thanks, husband!!!)

I am so excited to begin a new year.  Here are some goals I am hoping to accomplish this year:

  • do more running and run an 8K this spring (I hope!)
  • do more yoga and weight training
  • keep cooking my way through my grandmother’s recipe box
  • do a better job with keeping our house clean and organized and free of clutter

What are your year-end celebrations?  What are you hoping to do in 2012?


(photo from New Year’s Eve 2010)

Happy New Year, friends!!!


  1. I just found your blog and really Love your recap. A little bit of everything. I too want to DE-clutter, exercise and sleep more. Sounds contradictory but I awake so early that I don't sleep enough. (And not enough sleep leads to weight gain.) Happy New Year and may we all be able to reach our 2012 goals.

  2. Love the superlatives! This has been quite a year. I pray 2012 will bring all of us good health and many blessings. Happy New Yeaar!

  3. Great Blog Honey! You make it so easy to reflect on our times together as a confessions family. My resolutions this year are to work out regularly, break 85 at golf, and find more ways to have fun with my girls!
    The Confessions Hubby


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