Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Five Things

I have been in a random sort of mood.  I am a little scatter-brained today.  So I thought I would just share 5 things that I am loving today with all of you. 


I am loving this popcorn machine.  I actually gave this to my grandparents a number of years ago.  It might have been over 10 years ago.  My grandparents used to always stay at hotels when they would make their trips to South Carolina, and they stayed at a hotel that had fresh popcorn in the lobby.  The two if them would stock up before leaving the hotel, sometimes taking 5-6 boxes with them on the road!  I gave them this machine so they could make their own at home.  When we were going through their house, I decided I wanted the machine.  And I am loving it.  I popped popcorn for a meeting I had today and my classroom spells like the Target concessions area.  (Which means it smells GOOD.)



Since this is an air-popper, you have to season it after it is popped, so I used this popcorn spray and butter flavor.  Probably not the best thing for you… but it’s so good.


These boots.  Y’all don’t know how long and hard I have searched for boots.  I’m talking a 5-6 year search, friends.  I can never find them wide enough to fit my calves!  UGH!  It has been a long and frustrating search!  But on Black Friday, my luck changed.  I found these fabulous boots that fit perfectly!  And I even found them in brown, too!  The brown pair should be arriving soon! 


Leftover spaghetti.  One of my biggest challenges is having lunches readily available so that I don’t have to A—buy from the school cafeteria, or B—go without and eat crackers.  On Sunday night I made a big batch of spaghetti and portioned out lunch-sized leftovers.  So in the morning, I grab and go.  Literally.


My new iPhone.  My Blackberry died a few weeks ago.  I never knew how reliant I was on having a phone at all times until I didn’t have one.  I know some people say it feels great to take a break from their phone.  I am NOT one of those people.  I love being completely linked into the world at all times.  At first, I didn’t think I would ever get used to the iPhone.  But now… this phone is seriously like carrying a computer in my pocket.  If you’ve got an iPhone and are on Instagram, you can follow me!  I am posting pictures throughout the day so you can get sneak peeks at what is coming!  My username on Instagram is Couchpotatoliz. 


Finally—number five.  Clementines.  I get so excited when these start appearing in the stores.  They are so sweet, juicy, and easy to peel.  The perfect portable snack!  Funny story—when I was pregnant with Sadie, I had a “thing” for all orange foods and drinks.  I couldn’t get enough orange Gatorade, juice, oranges, orange soda…if it was orange and had liquid, I drank it.  One morning I packed a bag of 8 clementines to take to work to have throughout the week.  I ate all 8 of them that morning. 

So there you have it.  Those are five things I am loving today.  What are you loving today or lately??? 


  1. I'm loving the fact that David is a good cook and loves to make chili ocassionally, so we had that for dinner last night, and will have leftovers this week too! I'm also a fan of the leftovers from Thanksgiving - see my latest post on The Family Jewell (www.lafamiliajewell.blogspot.com), and also of boots, too! Great find this past weekend!

  2. PLEASE tell me where you found your boots!! I have been on a search for years as well because of my calves. I had given up....but maybe you have given me hope. :)

    By the way stumbled on your blog when it came up in a google search when I was recipe searching and I really enjoy reading it. Keep up the great work!

    Anne in KC

  3. Anne in KC-- Thanks for stopping by! I got my boots at Rack Room. They are the Pesaro Kayden boots. They are faux leather-- so they will scuff easily-- be careful with them! But they are cute! I was super lucky anhd scored both black and brown at their Black Friday sale and they were marked down to $21 each!!! Also-- fyi-- if they no not have your size, they will ship them to your house free! :) Good luck!!!


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