Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Coins, a Goat, and Dancing!

I’ve been dropping hints the past few days about a goat I posted late Friday night.  Did you guess how those three things (coins, a goat, and dancing) fit together?

Trust me, they DO fit together. 

Last week, we had a special fundraiser at my school.  We held a “Penny War” to raise money for Susan G. Komen for the Cure.  Have you ever participated in a Penny War?  My high school used to do one every year.  Here’s how it works:

pennies and paper money=positive points (1 penny=1 point, 1 dollar=100 points)

silver change=negative points (ex: 1 nickel=5 NEGATIVE points)



The students worked really hard to bring in lots of change… in just 4 days, they brought in over $550!  Isn’t that amazing?  They did have a little motivation… I promised them that one of their administrators would kiss a goat on TV if their grade won! 




Yes, this goat provided lots of motivation.  After school on Thursday, we witnessed a smooch between my principal and this (cute?) goat. 

Keith Kissing Goat

So… what does all this have to do with dancing?


Well, the dance-fitness company that I work for was doing a huge Fundraiser benefitting Susan G. Komen also.  We hosted 3 Zumbathons in one day.  I was able to help with one in Uptown Charlotte at a local dance club/bar.




We had an amazing turnout!  Even my two sisters came to dance with me! 


Adrienne and Meredith 


Adrienne and Moi


Me and Meredith 


Diana, Me, and Sarah (fellow instructors)

Our fundraising goal was $10,000, and we actually exceeded it!  How amazing is that???  This money will go help to educate people about breast cancer, help provide preventative care, fund medical research, and even help people receive treatments.  What a great cause!


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