Saturday, September 3, 2011

P4: Periwinkle, Park, Pool, and Potatoes

Happy Saturday!  Today has been a fabulous Saturday here at the Confessions house.  We decided to start with a trip to Old Town Rock Hill.  (FYI, for those of you who aren’t local, Old Town is our downtown area!)  We couldn’t decide what we wanted for breakfast, but we ended up at the Periwinkle Cafe and Bakery.  I’ve been wanting to try it out for a while.  I’ve been here before when it was Rock Hill Roasting Company, but haven’t been inside since it changed to Periwinkle. 



It ended up being a great choice!  I started with coffee—Autumn Spice!  DELICIOUS!  Loved this flavor.  It didn’t even need creamer, it was that flavorful!


I decided on a yogurt parfait.  Ryan opted for a breakfast sandwich.  Sadie wasn’t very hungry and just enjoyed her juice. 





Afterwards, we hit up a nearby park that has been redone and is fabulous! 




I cannot believe that it is already Labor Day weekend.  That means that most pools are getting their last weekend of use!  So sad.  We decided we wanted to head to the pool today to enjoy the sunny weather and relax. 





It was such a great day.  We thought about eating out, but decided to continue with our outdoorsy day and grilled out instead.  I had salmon in the freezer, but I couldn’t decide on a side dish.  I had potatoes, and I thought about making oven-fried potatoes, but then I thought… why not grill them?  I’ve never grilled potatoes, so I Googled it and got this recipe from Paula Deen.


This recipe was super-simple and pretty quick!  I only made one change—I didn’t use the House Seasoning.  I used this blend that I’ve been meaning to try.



It was on sale for 50 cents a few weeks ago and I thought, “What the heck?  I’ll try it.”  It was perfect on these potatoes!  VERY flavorful!  I think it would be great on all sorts of meat!  So glad I have this in my pantry!



The potatoes really were the star of this meal—maybe it was the butter… maybe it was just the flavor from grilling.  But we’ll definitely do this again!

Hope you all are having a wonderful holiday weekend!


  1. I went to Periwinkles with some girlfriends this summer. We went for lunch and it was GREAT...and so were the cupcakes!!

  2. Sounds like you and your family had a great time enjoying your holiday weekend. And you can never go wrong with Paula Deen!


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