Saturday, September 24, 2011

Engagement Party & Oysters

Happy weekend, friends!  We’ve had a dreary past few days here in the south.  It’s been raining on and off since Wednesday, but right now the sun is actually shining!  As I type, Ryan and I are heading home from a quick trip to Columbia. 



This was the first official party celebrating my sister Adrienne and her fiance, Paul!  (You may remember when they got engaged this spring!)  Their wedding is quickly approaching… it is only a few months away!


The happy couple gets “toasted!”


We were so glad that the weather cooperated!  It was a nice night for celebrating… and eating oysters!


The original 5: Mom, Adrienne, Dad, Meredith, and Me


I don’t have that much experience with oysters.  I know lots of people who love them, but usually when Ryan and I go for seafood, we are shrimp and crab (or even lobster) people!  Honestly, I wasn’t even sure exactly how to open them.  All I really knew about oysters is that you are only supposed to eat them during months that end in “r.”  But Paul’s dad, Anthony, was a good tutor and pretty soon I was opening them easily!




I am not sure what was in the oyster sauce, but it was SO delicious!  And I am not scared of ordering oysters anymore.  What a fun night with family and friends!  And congratulations to Adrienne and Paul!  This is going to be such a fun fall celebrating them!  Happy Saturday, everyone!


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