Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Dixie-Style Dining: Ann Landers’s Meatloaf

So… who doesn’t love meatloaf?  It’s one of those meals that has a little bit of a 1950’s/old-school feel to it, but I think it’s because it’s so good.  It’s hearty, and it makes for great leftovers.  I’ve made meatloaf lots of different ways: Southwestern, Barbecue, used Turkey instead of beef… but there’s something to be said about the classic version.

When we went through my grandmother’s recipe box back in March, I loved finding this recipe because my grandmother also saved the newspaper clipping with the original recipe!  It was neat to hold that clipping and think about my grandmother cutting it out of the newspaper and putting it in her recipe box.  I love that she saved the clipping and kept it with her recipe card for so many years.



Instead of typing in the recipe, I thought I’d give you the original.


I only wish I could read Ann’s response to the relationship question!  That sounded interesting!  I wish I knew what happened to the couple in question.  Did they get married?  Are they still married?  Anyway… moving on.

This meatloaf made enough for two+ meals.  And I thought it was just as good the second day as it was the first.  It was really thick and hearty—not crumbly.  It would make PERFECT sandwiches the second day.  And with fall slowing making its way into the south, I think it’s the right time of year for meatloaf.



Of course, you could use ground turkey and this recipe would still be great, but I chose to make it from the original Ann Landers recipe.



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