Friday, September 2, 2011

Diddo/Fate and Intense Negotiations

Tonight, the husband and I went on a date.  Well, sort-of.  Is it still a date when you bring your three-year old?  I’m not sure… I was craving Sushi and honestly, I really would have liked to go somewhere in the QC, like maybe Cowfish.  But with the little one, it just really wasn’t a great night to do that.  So we went to The Red Bowl instead. 

I like The Red Bowl because they make their sushi there and they actually do have a really good variety. 

It started out ok.  We admired the fountain outside.  We got a great table and didn’t have to wait at all.  And Sadie was enjoying practicing her S’s.


Our server took our drink orders.  That’s about where things started going a different direction.  First, she brought Sadie her water in a big frosty mug.  This would probably be ok except for anyone but our child, who absolutely insists on picking up the cup and holding it. 

Spill # 1 occurs. 

This is the exact moment the server comes back to take our order.  She leaves to get us a to-go cup with lid.  In the meantime, I describe some of the kids’ menu items to Sadie. 

“How about chicken nuggets?”

“NO!  I DON’T want NUGGETS!”

“Would you like rice or noodles?”

“I DON’T want ANYthing!”

This would be the exact moment the server comes back again to take our order.  I’m sure I can just about guess what she was thinking. 

On to the food.  Dinner was delicious.





I decided on a Crazy Roll and a California Roll, with Salted Edamame.  The food was fabulous.  And actually, Sadie did eat some of her food.  I am trying to order different sushi items and be a little more adventurous that always getting the Philadelphia Roll and the California Roll every time.  The Crazy Roll was my adventurous choice. :)  Also, have I mentioned that my extremely picky 3-year-old LOVES eating Edamame out of the shell??? 

In between bites, there was very romantic conversation such as…

“Honey, can I make a deal with you?  If you’ll get up early tomorrow, I’ll get up Sunday and Monday.” 

“No way, I got up early both days LAST weekend.” 

Now that’s real romance.  Intense negotiations.

Afterwards, we said goodbye to the turtle in the fountain and left a good tip for our server, just in case she had to clean up all the spilled rice and headed home before the dark skies opened up on us.  The wind sure was whipping our hair around.






Reading this back… I’m thinking I am going to have to call this something other than a “date.”



Even though it was a little nuts and I had to repeat the phrase “Get up off the floor and sit in the seat” more than once… it was still a fun dinner out and at least we can laugh about it!

(Oh and in case you were wondering about the negotiations… I made a deal.  I traded the hubby bath, books, and bed for getting up early tomorrow.  Looks like I’m gonna need some coffee in the morning.) 

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  1. Liz, I remember a few restaurants where we were no longer welcome, after taking your cousins there. They enjoyed going under the table, whining, and otherwise embarrasing us--definitely NOT a date!


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