Monday, September 12, 2011

Back to School Kit

As a Featured Publisher for DailyBuzz Moms  and a member of their Tastemaker Program, I was able to receive a Back-to-School Kit with a few product samples from Clorox, Glad, and Brita.  I was so excited to receive this box!  This little kit was actually make available from a partnership between DailyBuzz Moms and Clorox.


Of course the Clorox Wipes always come in handy.  I really like that they smell nice—just clean.  Not overpowering.  These are great to use when you have been dealing with meat on the kitchen counter—or for wiping off toys when they need it.

I love these Glad Food Storage containers.  They are perfect for packing salads for lunch. 




They have a tiny little cup perfect for dressing that snaps right into the lid.  I am always looking for little containers for the salad dressing and either I can find the cup or the lid… but never both!  Voila!  Now I don’t have to spend time looking for the lids.  I also think these will be perfect for pita bread and hummus or veggies and dip, which are items we frequently pack for family outings.

The item I was most excited about was this Brita water bottle.  It filters the water as you drink! 





Do you ever notice that sometimes water from water fountains tastes funky?  Well, with this bottle, you can make water taste better and filter out impurities!  So excited about this.  You can buy new filters for the water bottle, too.

I love having new products and gadgets to try!  What are your favorite gadgets and convenience items? 


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