Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Ready to Hit the Road…

Happy Hump Day!  Hard to believe, but this is actually sort-of my last day of vacation in South Carolina.  I cannot believe it!  Yesterday, Sadie and I had a “Girls Day” and I took her to her first movie in a real movie theater. 


We also enjoyed lunch at her favorite restaurant… Chick-fil-a.  :)



We went to see “Charlotte’s Web.” She did so well sitting and watching the movie!  What an adventure! 

And now… we’re prepping for another adventure.  Sadie and I are hitting the road this afternoon and going on a trip!  We’re heading to…


The City of Brotherly Love… a.k.a. Philadelphia!  It’s been almost three years since my last trip to Philadelphia, when I made the trip to celebrate my grandmother Mom Mom’s birthday.  We used to make this trip a couple of times a year to see family (both of my parents are from Philadelphia) but over the past few years, we’ve made the trip less often because all of our schedules are so busy and different.  Sadie and I are catching a ride with Leenie and Poppy, and the rest of the crew is flying in tomorrow night.  We’re all getting excited.  Even Sadie keeps asking me when we get to see “the bell with the crack in it.”  LOL. 

I’ve been busy this morning washing clothes and packing up all the necessary items for travel.


In the mix: Kashi bars, Chickadee crackers, Chex Mix, and fruit snacks.  (Another delish snack may be added this afternoon if I can make time to bake!)


I’ve got some new DVDs to keep us entertained…


and other assorted items, like stickers, coloring pages, and books.  Hopefully this will keep the little one entertained.  She has never been on a car ride this long.  (Pray for us, please!)

Want to hear about our adventures in Philly?  Be sure to follow me on Twitter! 


I’ll be tweeting about our road trip, the cheesesteaks we are sure to enjoy, and other highlights of the trip. 

Once we return, there will be more of a food/cooking focus back here at Former Couch Potato.  It’s been a little crazy these past few days.  Although… I MIGHT have plans to bake a special treat for the road… we’ll see!


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