Monday, August 8, 2011

Lunch at Marmont in Downtown Philadelphia

Happy Monday, friends!  As I type this, I am in the car headed back towards South Carolina!  It’s hard to believe our Philadelphia trip went by so quickly!  We had a blast!  I think we’re all definitely tired, but it was worth it! (Update: we are home now!  Yay!!!)

Even though I am on my way home, I am still catching up on my blog posts from the trip.  If you’re just joining me, be sure to check out my previous posts (in the order in which they were posted):

During our day of sightseeing, we decided it would be fun to have a late lunch together.  There are lots of interesting and unique eating spots in downtown Philadelphia, and it was a hard choice, but we decided on Marmont. 


Even though Marmont is a Steakhouse, they had a nice variety of sandwiches and veggies. 


We looked over the menu and snapped a few photos…



… and enjoyed a couple of drinks.


Now you can get Yuengling in South Carolina.  However, it was not that long ago that this was just a “Philadelphia Treat.”


Adrienne and I split the Chicken and Avocado Sandwich (we both LOVE avocado) with homemade fries…


plus a side of broccolini, which was wonderful!


Look at all that avocado!  Nom! 




It was a delish lunch and a nice break from all the walking and sight-seeing! 

I’ll be blogging more about our trip, but here are some things that are coming soon:

  • Time with family and friends
  • A trip to Reading Terminal Market and Chinatown (a.k.a. Foodie Mecca)



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