Saturday, August 13, 2011

Hearts for Lunch? (Lunchtime Lettuce Cups)

Don’t be scared.  I’m not really writing about hearts.  Well, not the kind you’re thinking about.  I’ll explain in a minute.

This week, summer vacation officially ended for me.  I’m back at work.  We made it through our first two teacher work days, and soon all the kiddos will join us at school. 


It’s been a great week.  I’m really excited about getting the school year started.  But with work starting, it means that I’ve got to start being a better planner when it comes to lunches.  Last year I started off doing really well… but before long I was falling into the cafeteria trap.  Our school lunches are better than the stereotype.  However, there’s a lot of processed food, and it’s not always the healthiest.  I have found that the key (for me) is to be able to have healthy choices readily available.  And that means keeping a well-stocked work fridge and pantry.  Enter Lunchtime Lettuce Cups. 


This idea is actually one I got from my sisters and my mom.  I got addicted to those cute round flat breads last year.  They are great for sandwiches.  However, I fell a little less in love with them when Weight Watchers changed their POINTS system and they jumped from 1 to 3 POINTS, mainly due to the carbs.



You can use lots of different types of lettuce for these Lunchtime Lettuce Cups, but I like Hearts of Romaine.  (Hence the title… “Hearts for Lunch.”)  The shape of the leaves is like a little boat—or a hot dog bun.  Plus, they add a nice crunchy texture.  The filling possibilities are endless.  The Lunchtime Lettuce Cups I have pictured here are filled with spicy pimento cheese and roma tomato slices. 

Another combination that my sister Adrienne recommended to me (and it is delicious): Spread each lettuce leaf with a little chive and onion cream cheese (I use the light version).  Top with thin slices of turkey breast or grilled chicken breast strips, and chopped tomatoes.

As I said, there are many possibilities, AND these are healthy and low-carb.  Add some fruit or a cup of vegetable soup for a delicious, nutrient-rich lunch.  I’ve actually got a soup recipe to share with you very soon… AND another very filling Lunchtime Lettuce Cup idea!  Think… cheeseburger… meets salad.  Coming soon!


  1. I love this!! I am going to pack this in my lunch this week!

  2. I love some lettuce cup lunches! I need to shop today for some yummy fillings. I am sad to start back, but like getting on a good eating schedule! Have a great week!!


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