Saturday, August 27, 2011

Girls on the Run Training+Baby Shower Social

Happy Saturday, friends!  It was a busy day here at the Confessions house.  (It seems like EVERY Saturday is crazy busy!)  But today was a good kind of busy. 

I started my morning off at Girls on the Run Coach Training.  I'm so excited to be a GOTR coach this year at my school.  I’ve been hearing about this program for years and have wanted to get involved, and this year I am getting that opportunity! 


A few years ago, my sister Adrienne and I did the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer in Charlotte.  It was an amazing experience and made me feel completely empowered.  I feel the same way about being a Zumba instructor.  I feel great about getting the exercise and being healthier, but the feeling of empowerment—like you can do anything you set your mind to—is what feels amazing.  I was thinking today about how there should be more opportunities for girls (and women) to feel empowered that way. 

(Adrienne and me after an 11-12-mile training walk in 2008)

After training, we had something fun planned: a baby shower and get-together with church friends.


We decided that we would do something to keep all the kiddos entertained.  We rented a 15-foot water slide for all the kids to play on.  Success!  They all had a blast!  Sadie was intimidated at first, but once we persuaded her to try it a few times, she had a blast.



A good time was had by all and we were able to shower Wes and Carrie with gifts for their new baby girl who will be arriving very soon!


(great food!)







Sadie had so much playing with Porter.  We think they were playing some kind of “house.”  It was especially cute when they would go lay down and look up at the sky. 



The weather was beautiful here, but all of us were thinking about those in the path of Hurricane Irene and hoping and praying for safety and minimal damage. 


  1. I know it's totally besides the point, but I LOVE the NC State chairs in one of your pictures!!! lol Go Pack!

    Okay, collegiate shout out over. Sounds like y'all had a fabulous Saturday! Our Saturday was spent keepin' dry from the hurricane. In central NC we didn't feel too much aside from the rain and some wind. I am sad to say that my heart is breaking for the people on our coast. Last I heard the beach I took my girls to last week, well, the pier is gone and not much hope is being held for my step-dad's house.
    But on a happier note, I really enjoyed reading the post about your day!

  2. Looks like such an absolutely amazing time!



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