Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Gettin’ Figgy

Wow!  I have lots of news to report tonight.

1.  OMG!  School starts tomorrow!  WHERE does the time go???  It seems like just a day or so ago I was announcing that I was on vacation!  I am very excited about a new year and new possibilities.  I am lucky to work in a wonderful school and district!  :)

2.  Sad News… our TV broke tonight.  So weird!  It was perfect last night.  But today… it won’t even come on.  If you follow me on Twitter then you know I am a little suspicious.  Hubby has been wanting a flat-screen for years.  Yes, we are the last people we know that still have a TV that weighs more than both of us together.  LOL.  I am wondering if he might have sabotaged the TV… hmmmmm.

3.  Thanks to Diana over at The Chic Life, I have a new breakfast fave.  I heard Diana talk about Green Monster Smoothies a lot and always thought, EWWWWWW.  Spinach?  With fruit?  Sounded crazy to me.  However, I tried it and YUM.  So Good.  So filling and has really stuck with me in the mornings!  You can go here to read all about making Green Monster Smoothies.  Anyway, I don’t add any sweeteners, so mine is purely milk, banana, and spinach, and I LOVE it!  You REALLY cannot taste the spinach.  Try it tomorrow and see how you like it!  And then let Diana know how awesome it was!


4..  I am so excited about a fruit I found at a local farm stand yesterday…



It seems like everyone knows someone with a fig tree… but you can’t buy them in most markets.  I even checked the Rock Hill Farmer’s Market (who has a GREAT variety of produce) and they didn’t have any.  Luckily, the Bush n Vine in York, SC sells buckets of figs this time of year! 



The Bush n Vine is wonderful.  They have great locally-grown produce, but they also offer CSA memberships throughout the year!  We’ve been thinking about joining a CSA for a while now and maybe this Fall will be the time!

I think figs are just about the prettiest and most surprising fruit when you cut them open. 



Look at how pretty and pink they are!  I have been snacking on them a lot the past 2 days!  I’m thinking about a pizza with figs… hmmm.  Maybe you’ll be seeing that soon!

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  1. I love the photography of the figs!! (And I'm not too familiar with them, so how do you 'snack on figs'?)


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