Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Fever, New Arrival, and Comfort Food

Today was such a strange day.  It was not at all the way I imagined it would go.  But… in a good way.  First of all, I stayed home today.  On a Tuesday.  That felt weird.  Remember that little fever Sadie had yesterday?  Well, it was back this morning, so at 5:45 a.m. I was giving out Motrin instead of getting in the shower. 


(Watching “Annie.”)


I don’t think it’s anything serious.  I think that Children’s Motrin + Annie + a princess dress + arts and crafts have cured her.  I am planning to go to work tomorrow.  I hate to miss work… and I hate for my little munchkin to be sick… but sometimes it’s nice to have an unexpected day at home with her.  During the school year, we stay so busy that we don’t always have all this cuddle time. 

There was another plus to me being home today.  You see… I was expecting a package to arrive today. 


I originally thought I wouldn’t get my hands on it today.  I figured I would come home this afternoon to one of those “We missed you!” notes from Fed Ex.  BUT… since I was home… I got to sign for my package early…


…which was good because I have been SOOOOO excited about getting…


…my new camera!!! 




She’s beautiful, right?  I’ve been scoping her out for the better part of 6 months.  (Seriously, I look her up on Amazon every day and drool a little.)  But now she’s HERE!  So this morning was spent playing and reading instructions, and taking random pictures. 

I took a little break to bake cookies, though.


I used this recipe from Weight Watchers.  They turned out really well.  Very soft and chewy… but I did not get 48 cookies out of the batch—I got 28.  Maybe mine were too big… although they were pretty small.  I did not make many adjustments—I had light brown sugar on hand, so I used that instead of the dark brown kind.  Yumalicious.

And I showed off my camera to the husband when he got home.  (Doesn’t he look cute in his dress-up clothes?)


Then it was time for Zumba class… SO much fun!  We had several new people—yay!  It was a high energy class!  My favorite song of the night was “On the Floor” by J-Lo and Pitbull. 



And now… I am about to eat this delicious meal that I made yesterday: my Memama’s Chicken Divan.  It’s going to be my newest “Dixie-Style Dining” recipe. 




This is some serious comfort food, and I cannot believe how it is bringing back memories of eating around the dining room table at my grandparents’ house in Philadelphia.  I can’t wait to share the recipe with you so that you can make it this fall.  It’s the perfect recipe for a family dinner on a fall evening.  I am hoping to post the recipe tomorrow evening, so check back!

Finally, I don’t usually do this, but I’d like to ask for prayers for the University of South Carolina community.  One of their professors was killed over the weekend, and it has hit the students (current and former) and faculty very hard.  (My sister included.)  It’s always so sad when a life ends early, but this senseless act is just so tragic.  I am sure that this community could use your prayers. 


  1. Aww, so many fun things... Minus the fever. Ready to see y'all.

  2. Love your blog, Liz. Hate that I miss all the zumba fun. Weeknights are just so crazy for us right now with school still getting cranked up. Can't wait for that recipe :)

  3. Glad Sadie is feeling better and hope you're having fun with your new camera (I'm sure you are!!). Can't wait to see how fabulous your pictures look on the new camera (even though they were already great on your other one)...and look forward to getting the Chicken Divan recipe again...I want to say that I might have made that same recipe before, but you're right...it IS perfect for a fall evening, so I look forward to trying it again!


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