Tuesday, July 12, 2011

You Can Call Me Tiger

So… the past two days have been fun golf days for me and the husband.  I think I mentioned last week that I had not played since Sadie was born, and it has been fun to get back to it.  I expected to have to relearn everything all over again, but I have found that I might possibly have improved after my 3 1/2 year hiatus…? Strange.



We decided to play at Edgewater, which is in the middle of nowhere, but is very pretty.  The course was in beautiful shape!  Did I mention that today was SUPER-HOT?  We heard on the news this morning was that the heat index was going to be like 103 degrees.  We played early in the day, around 9 a.m., to try and beat the heat. 



This course was designed by Fuzzy Zoeller.  They even had a parking space reserved for him.


I wanted to ask if Fuzzy had actually ever parked there, but I didn’t.







My major successes of the day were:

  • making par on hole 1
  • driving 190 yds
  • driving the green on a Par 4 hole
  • only losing 2 balls
  • hitting my driver really well all day

I would like to say that golf outings make a great day-date!  I am especially lucky that my husband is very patient and is my personal golf coach.  :)

After golf, we decided that it was definitely time for the pool, so we finished up our day in the water.  Perfect.  Although… I am EXHAUSTED.  Think I might head to bed early tonight. 

Oh—did I mention that we are going to a concert of a super-famous musical group tomorrow???  Anybody wanna guess who we are going to see???

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  1. Fun golf day outing and you did great, Liz! I was just telling David the other day that I wanted to go back out to practice/(try to) play again...so we'll see...I need to do some refreshing before I actually try to play 18 holes. Well done, "Tiger"! (And I think I know what musical group you're going to see tonight...(wink wink)...have fun!)


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