Friday, July 15, 2011

A Trip to Little Italy: Petite Lasagnas

Wow, do I have some deliciousness to share with you.  Here’s a preview…


Read on for details!

TGIF, Friends!  How was your Friday?  Ryan and I spent the morning playing golf.  The weather was absolutely amazing.  It was only 80 degrees, which is highly unusual for July.  In fact, just 2 days ago, it was 105!  Crazy!  Just as we began to tee off on the 18th hole, it started to rain.  Perfect timing.  It was a nice, relaxing day. 

remember yesterday I told you about how I stumbled upon the blog, “Can You Stay for Dinner?”  There are such great ideas on this blog.  Today, I tried another idea from Andie, the author: Petite Lasagnas.  When I read this post, I knew I had to make these little tiny lasagnas.  I love anything that is individually portioned: cupcakes, tarts, muffins… I’ve even been known to cook meatloaf in my muffin tins. 

I made very few changes to the original ingredients.  I only swapped turkey for extra lean beef (had it on hand) and used fresh basil instead of dried.  I just eyeballed my measurements. 



These are very easy to assemble.  Just follow the instructions on the blog post. 

While you wait for them to cook, you can use up your leftovers by making spoon-sized lasagnas.  (Only a huge dork like me assembles a spoonful like this and photographs it while I wait.)



And when they’re done… YUMMMMM.  This is comfort food made very simple and cute. 



Add a simple green salad to round it out if you want.  Or don’t. 





Enjoy!  And thanks for the idea!  Be sure to visit Can You Stay for Dinner? for this and other fun, creative recipes. 


  1. I just pinned this because I have to try it!!

  2. Um, BTW, these look AMAZING!!! We will HAVE to make these together at our house...delicious!


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