Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Super-Woman Wednesday

So in case you are wondering, why yes… I am Super-Woman!  Today was a bit of a super-sports day.  This morning, Ryan and I were chatting about what we’d like to do today.  (Gosh, I am gonna be sad when he goes back to work in a week in a half!)  We started with a little trip to a sporting goods store to check out some golf clubs.  The husband is really wanting a new set, but he’s not quite ready to buy.  That led to a conversation over lunch about how I have not played golf since before Sadie was born.  But the more we looked at clubs, I thought… I’d really like to play again!  So we decided to give it a go.  We ran home, grabbed my clubs, and headed to the driving range.







Surprisingly, I could still hit the ball!  I definitely need more practice, but today was a great start to getting back to playing.  AND… hubby and I have made a golf date for next week to play “for real!”  I’m so excited!  Maybe Gold might be my next topic for a “Sisterly Guide”. 

After golf, we were super-sweaty because it was really humid today, so we came home to rest before I went to teach Zumba.  I taught a very high-energy class and then decided to stick around for yoga.  Yoga is so hard, but I feel so good when I go.  I need to do it more regularly.



After all that, I was STARVING!!!  I decided to pick up Chinese takeout… Chicken with Mixed Vegetables.  I tried a new spot today and lookie—zucchini!  I have never gotten zucchini in my Chinese takeout!  Yum!

Okay… now it’s time to rest and enjoy some mindless, trashy television.  G’night!


  1. You ARE super woman!! My dad tried to get me to play golf when I was growing up because he loved it so much. The best part for me had to be riding in the golf cart :)

  2. Bet your husband is super psyched you're getting back into the swing of things (apologies for the terrible pun... I couldn't resist)
    And that chinese looks delicious... I have loads of zucchini in my fridge (my father-in-law grows up) think I'm going to look up some chinese recipes :-)


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