Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Impromptu Fourth of July Gathering

Happy Fourth of July!  Yes, I do realize that it is July 6 and I am two days late.  I’ve been a little disoriented since returning from vacation.  And if we’re being totally honest… I haven’t even completely unpacked yet.  (Don’t tell.)

When we returned from the beach, my sisters and I were missing each other and we decided to spend the Fourth together in Columbia.  We enjoyed some pool time, great food, and and mostly great weather.  (A little thunderstorm arrived in the evening hours, but it didn’t last too long!)




(How nuts do we look in this photo?)


My contribution was wings.  I love wings and I thought it would be fun to try making wings that were really flavorful but baked instead of fried.  I was making 3 varieties:

  • Hot (marinated all day in Frank’s Cayenne Pepper Sauce—this is the best wing sauce in my opinion if you like spicy hot wings.  Plus it is great on eggs, and in wraps and sandwiches)
  • Barbecue (I used a maple and brown sugar bottled sauce)
  • Honey-Teriyaki (Homemade marinade!)

Honey-Teriyaki Marinade Recipe:

  • 1/2 bottle of Teriyaki Sauce (I used a less-sodium variety)
  • 1/3 cup honey
  • 2 cloves of garlic, sliced
  • 1/2 yellow onion cut into thick chunks

Place the above ingredients into a gallon-sized bag.  Squeeze the bag to mix and distribute the honey.  Then add wings.



The wings turned out great.  I actually purchased them from two different grocery stores, and the ones from Harris Teeter were my favorite!  I also contributed carrots and celery with ranch dressing because I just don’t think you can eat wings without them!







We had lots of other great eats, including ribs made by David, fabulous potato salad made by Meredith, a tomato-onion salad made by Adrienne, and delicious sweets provided by Ashley.  (The pink and green cookies were watermelon-flavored!  How cute!)

And of course, the evening would not be complete without a few fireworks.  We went with the wimpy variety and just played with sparklers.  But Sadie sure enjoyed them!






I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday!!!

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  1. I have to say your wings really look good in the pictures, but they were even better in person! Delicious and I'm not normally the kind that goes right for wings (although David is and he loved your wings, too!). And I can't take much credit for the potato salad since that was Mom's recipe (thanks, Mom!) but it did turn out now I know another good homemade recipe! We had a great time with everyone and sad it's back to the daily grind, but I guess it's a good thing, too. Have a great week!


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