Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Concert in the Big City

Yesterday, I hinted that tonight we were going to see a musical group perform in concert. 


Did you guess who we were going to see?  I wish I could tell you that we went to see someone really exciting and cutting-edge.  We went to see The Wiggles.


You know, I guess it depends on your vantage point.  I guess if you’re three, then The Wiggles ARE really exciting and cutting-edge.  Sadie had been looking forward to this all day long and told all her teachers at school about it.  We started the evening with a train ride to Uptown Charlotte.  Sadie was super-excited to go to the concert.  We stopped for a quick dinner at The Epicentre at Jason’s Deli. 


Simple chef salad for me.



Sadie was amazed looking at all the tall buildings and watching all the people moving around on the street below.  Soon it was time to head to the main event.  It’s so convenient to get to Time Warner Arena.  The train stop brings you out right at the front door, practically!




I always got a souvenir whenever I went to a show or concert, so we let Sadie pick one out.  She chose a light-up microphone.  We found our seats and she got ready to sing along.




The Wiggles took the stage and it was like magic.





Somewhere along the way, something went wrong.  She decided she didn’t like that microphone after all.  She didn’t like singing along.  And she was scared of the Wiggles.  If you’ve got a three year old (or if you’ve raised one) then I am sure you can relate to this story.  Ryan and I were looking at each other like, “What’s wrong with this kid?”  Just about the time we were going to call it a night, they played the last song and we were proud we made it through the whole show.  We took a train ride home on a PACKED train and headed home.  Our girl was worn out.  Sometime on the way home, she decided that she DID like the microphone and she DID have fun seeing The Wiggles.  I just tucked her in bed and she said, “Thank you for bringing me to the concert.”  That kid.  What a hot mess.  But we love her.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post when I tell you about my fun with egg roll wrappers.


  1. Oh my goodness I love that little munch! The Wiggles adventure sounds interested (but fun too)! Ready to see y'all again soon!

  2. That's hilarious! I can't believe she liked them, then didn't, then liked again...too funny. All in a day's work of being a parent, right? One day...glad you guys had a fun day!


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