Friday, July 1, 2011

Beach Eats

Oh my goodness.  We’ve eaten so much delicious food this week and had such nice beach days, it’s going to be hard to go home!  It seems like time just speeds up when you are at the beach.  The days fly by and pretty soon, it’s time to pack.  I thought I’d just highlight a few things from the past couple of days…

Dinner at the Gulfstream…





This restaurant is located in Garden City, SC.  It’s just across the road from the beach and has amazing views out back.  There are 2 decks so that you can enjoy drinks and conversation while waiting for a table.  It was a delicious meal which unfortunately did not photograph well due to lighting issues. 

Adrienne and Paul did the cooking last night. 




Adrienne make pork tenderloin, sauteed green beans, and this amazing veggie-couscous side dish that I will be recreating VERY soon.  She cooked the couscous according to package directions, but while it was still hot, she added in garlic, basil, grape tomatoes, cucumber, peppers, and onion.  The result was a delicious side that was very flavorful and light.  I am going to make this at home soon!  Thanks, Adrienne!

The weather has been beautiful.  The only thing we’ve seen weather-wise is this hazy smoke.  Can you see from the picture how hazy it is?  This was from wildfires in some of the surrounding states.  The smoke drifted into the area yesterday. 




And finally, I will leave you with a funny picture.  After playing all day yesterday on the beach and then going for a swim in our pool, I found little Sadie in this position around 8:30 last night. 

Sadie Flamingo position

I think she just went to lay her head down on the coffee table and just passed right out.  My sweet little flamingo…


  1. I was going to guess Duck NC when i first saw the pics and before I read the write up :) Hope the vacation is a lot of fun - Happy July 4th weekend :)

  2. Fun week! Sad to leave tomorrow. Can't wait to hear what you do with the couscous.


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