Friday, July 29, 2011

Back to Work…

Oh, how I have enjoyed the summer.

The swimming…


The eating…


The beach…


The time to read…


The golf…


But alas… it is almost time to head back to work.  I love my job, and I am so blessed to work at a school with wonderful people, but it’s still always a little bit sad when summer comes to an end.  Yesterday, I went back to work.  Not “for real,” just to start getting my bearings and start thinking about the beginning of the year. 



Everything looks so bare!  (And clean!)  You know, as hard as it is to go back to work, the minute I stepped into my classroom, I got a little bit excited.  You know how in January, you have this feeling like no matter what mistakes you made, you get to start over with a clean slate?  Well, teachers get to have that feeling in August, too.  Very cool.

One thing that I spent time doing yesterday morning was going through my journals from the past 4 years. 


Look at all these notebooks.  Every single one is FULL of writing.  It was cool to see the changes I have gone through in the four years that I have been a literacy coach. 

Unfortunately, I got a call on the way home and my little munchkin had a fever.  :(  I hated that she wasn’t feeling well.  But there is not much that is cuter than my three year old making her “sad face” and saying, “Mommy, I’m not feeling very good.” 



She took her Tylenol like a champ and a popsicle helped a lot. 

Guess what I am doing tonight:  performing at another baseball game! 

liz dancing

(photo credit: Encaptured and Co.: Fine Art and Event Photography)

This time I think I will dance sans Jersey Shore Bump.

Can you believe it?  Twice in one week?  Maybe I will make dancing my part-time job.  Oh wait—it already is.  AND… Sadie and I are going on a big trip next week.  Anyone want to guess where we are going?  I am getting so excited. 


  1. I like the fall too (it's when everyone goes back to school and I don't feel like I'm the only one working ... in the family). :) hehe...

  2. That photo of you is so fun!!! Love the Jersey hair bump :)


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