Thursday, July 21, 2011

And the Slacker Blogger Award Goes to…

Wow.  I sure have been a slacker lately, as far as blogging goes.  The main culprit: pure, straight-up laziness.  Not that I have been sitting around the house doing nothing.  But our meals around here have been all but creative and interesting.  There has been a lot of leftover eating, and a lot of PBJ.  But that’s ok.  Things happen. 

I’ve also been really lazy about taking pictures!  As a matter of fact, my camera batter has been dead for several days, so I have been using my BlackBerry camera! 

One of the highlights from this week has been a lazy lake day with a few friends.  On Tuesday, I headed out to see a couple of friends for some “floating.”  If you are wondering what floating is… well… it involves sitting your behind in a float on the lake and enjoying the water and weather! 



It was so nice.  The weather was hot and hazy, but the lake helped cool us off.  We were very relaxed until…


I spotted something.  Look at what was swimming around the dock near us!


(photo credit goes to Deb Tomberlin)

Well, I am sure you can imagine how quickly that got us out of the water!  I don’t know what kind of snake that was, but a snake is a snake.  I didn’t care WHAT kind it was… I just wanted to be AWAY from it.  Do any of you know what kind of snake this is?

Happy Thursday!

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