Sunday, June 12, 2011

Stromboli + “Perfectly Chocolate” Cupcakes

I have been having some serious chocolate cravings over the past couple of days.  I held out as long as I could, but there was only one way to deal with this problem…


… but more on that in a minute.

Today we had a really relaxing day.  There were probably a lot of (productive) things we should have done, but after church, we had “lazy time, followed by pool time.  I know that you guys must think this is all we ever do.  And… it’s sort of true. I mean, we live in the south and the weather is 90-100 degrees every day in the summer.  I just can’t think of a better way to deal with it!  When i was growing up, we spent almost every day at our neighborhood pool and I have so many fun memories of our pool days.  Here’s a cute little video of Sadie jumping into the pool.  This is her new thing.  We could never get her to do this last year.  Each day she gets a little more brave.

Now, on to the food.  Today was a good food day!  Sadie and I made this fabulous stromboli tonight. 



(Are you drooling?  It’s ok if you are.)


I made this once before with slightly different ingredients.  The idea came from Kim over at Liv LifeClick here to check out her post.  I get loads of ideas from her!  Anyway, this stromboli had mozzarella, pepperoni, black forest ham, salami, and provolone.  It’s a meat-lover’s fantasy!  It was so good and so filling!  I do agree that the salami made it a little greasy… but it was still good.

And then… we moved on to these cupcakes.


Remember how I said I was craving chocolate?  I almost made Lauren Z’s Emergency Chocolate Cake yesterday, but I was out of sugar!  Oops!  But then I started picturing these cupcakes in my mind and I knew I had to make them.  I used the recipes for “Perfectly Chocolate” Cake and “Perfectly Chocolate” frosting on the back of the Hershey’s Cocoa can.  I’ve used these recipes before and they are delish.  Why reinvent the wheel?




So there you go.  Stromboli and cupcakes.  I’m gonna have to do some work at the gym tomorrow… but it’s a winning combination. 

Oh, and by the way!  I am trying a new class tomorrow morning (if I can get up in time)… can’t wait to blog about it!


  1. I was checking referrals this morning and keep seeing people coming to our site from here so I had to check it out! I just emailed your post to my friend who did the stromboli guest blog and they will be thrilled to see that you made it! And a wonderful job you did. Thanks so much for your kind words!
    Love the jumping into the pool video! I miss those days!!

  2. OK... one more comment... I'm totally envious of your warm weather!! We are on the coast here in CA and it's cold, grey and chilly. I'll trade!

  3. Um, yes...I was drooling, delish! I wish I was at the pool each day with you that sure beats working in the summer!

  4. I have gone too long without reading your blog so intend to read it everyday-Great!!!


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