Monday, June 20, 2011

Day-Date and “Margarita Monday”

Today, Ryan and I had a “day date.”  This is the advantage of being a teacher AND being married to a teacher.  Every day can be Saturday and you can enjoy “day-dates.”

We decided to see a movie and then have lunch.  Ryan’s really been wanting to see “The Green Lantern,” so we caught the 11:30 showing.  It was better than I thought it would be.  Let’s be honest, Ryan Reynolds is pretty easy on the eyes.  And I really liked that the movie did not drag on and on.  Sometimes I feel like action movies drag out the “fight scene” for the longest time, just to throw in a billion special effects.  This movie did have really nice effects, but it was a good length for a movie.  I actually saw Ryan Reynolds on the Today Show last week and he explained that he wore an “energy suit” during the filming which tracked all his muscle movements.  I thought that was kinda cool.

After the movie, we headed to Charlotte.  I really wanted to look at bathing suits.  We decided to have lunch on the way. I chose The Cowfish because I have been dying to go there.  The Cowfish is a Burger/Sushi restaurant.  Isn’t that a cool combination?  You would never think those things go together, but YUM.  I LOVE the concept.


We started with onion rings, because they are known for these.  They have coconut in the batter and are really delicious.  If you go there, you must try them.


I decided on a bento Box because it has a little of everything: Thai Cucumbers (soooo good!), sweet potato fries, edamame, 4-piece sushi roll (I opted for Spicy Tuna) and a mini-burger.


Everything was wonderful.  I don’t always like sweet potato fries because sometimes they are a little too sweet.  These were perfect.  The Spicy Tuna roll was awesome and so was the burger! 



Next time I think I want to try some of their more specialized rolls.

Ryan got a big ole burger. 


We sat outside where it was a little warm, but they had lots of fans to help with that. 


The service was great AND we saw a celebrity there… Ric Flair!  I am sure that since he lives in Charlotte that many people see him out and about, but this was the first time we had seen him out.  It was pretty exciting, even though I do NOT enjoy wrestling AT ALL.  It’s always kind of fun.  I asked the husband if he wanted me to take his picture with him (because hubby loves wrestling) but he said no.  We didn’t want to interrupt him.  I am sure he gets enough of that. 

From there we went bathing suit shopping, which wasn’t nearly as fun, but I did have some luck.

I finished up my Monday with a margarita with some friends. 


Each Monday, Jenn hosts “Margarita Monday” at her house.  Her husband Jason makes the best margaritas ever! 



I’ve got the recipe so I can make them at the beach!  YUM!  AND… Jason says I can share the recipe with all of you!  So stay tuned for that!

So… reader question…

What celebrities have you encountered?  Who did you see?  Did you stop to have your photo taken or just go about your business?  Tomorrow I’ll tell you about some of my other celebrity encounters. 

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  1. Your lunch looks delicious! I wish I could say I wasn't an "annoying fan" but I think I have been more than once...when I interrupted Tracy Morgan during a dinner to say I was a huge fan (and had previously seen him on a comedy tour) and then also saw Kirstin Dunst at a club in LA...although from the looks of it, she wouldn't have remembered that I said hello to her. ;) hehe...


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