Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Return to Amici Italian Lovin’ Oven

Remember my visit last week to Amici, a new restaurant here in Rock Hill?

Well, I went back again tonight.  I enjoyed it so much last week that I brought Sadie and Ryan with me!  As luck would have it, about a week ago there was a daily deal, so we had a $30 gift certificate that I purchased for $15!

I am still amazed at how Amici was transformed from a Movie Gallery into this very cool place!  The atmosphere is warm and inviting!



(I really like the open kitchen!)


And by the way, Amici Italian Lovin’ Oven is locally owned.  It is NOT connected with any other Amici restaurants.


We started with the spinach dip with flat bread…



… and it was sooooo good.  Hot and melty cheese and bread?  Yes, please! (My pictures don’t do this food justice… dim lighting…)

Tonight I decided to try the Margherita Pizza. 



LOVED this pizza.  I am a huge fan of thin-crust pizza and this crust was crispy and very thin!  PERFECT!  You never know when you order Margherita Pizza if it’s really going to be a Margherita pizza with tomato slices and fresh basil… but this WAS.

By the way, we had 2 entrees, plus Sadie’s Kid’s meal (spaghetti) and an appetizer for under $30.  Not bad at all!  (And with our coupon, it was only $15!  Yay!)

If you’re local, definitely stop and check them out. 

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