Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Mid-Week Date Night

Happy Hump Day!


I started this morning with coffee because there were so many big plans for today!

Today, I chaperoned a group of kids from school on “Limousine Lunch!”  basically, a big white limo picked us all up in front of the school, drove us to a local pizza joint, and then drove us back to school.  (I don’t have pictures to post here because they all have students in them and I didn’t know if I should post them.) 

When we got back, I helped chaperone an “Inflatables Party” all afternoon.  In case you’re wondering… this is not the norm for a day in the life of a Literacy Coach.  these were all rewards for kids who sold a lot on our last fundraiser. :)  But I did enjoy the limo and a lunch away from school!

So… last night I told all of you that I was looking forward to special plans with Ryan.  We had a mid-week date at Zebra Restaurant and Wine Bar in Charlotte.  We had never been there, but we had a Groupon that I got (paid $10 for a $60 gift certificate!) and it was about to expire, so we figured we better use it while we could!

Funny… we were the FIRST people in the restaurant!  We felt like we were getting the “early bird special.”



I started with a Mojito.  I am not sure what made me order this.  I never order mojitos!  It’s an ok drink… and I love mint… but it was really sweet.



pretty herbed butter


salad with olives, capers, and goat cheese (soooooo good—very salty—which is what I like!)


pan-seared scallops on a gnocchi-type cake with roasted peppers (again—soooooo good.  I could have eaten 10 of those scallops.)


Ryan’s entree: free-range chicken with lump crabmeat, asparagus, hollandaise sauce over risotto


My entree: beef tenderloin with mushrooms and fingerling potatoes, and asparagus


Citrus-flavored soufflĂ© with raspberry sauce… again—wonderful.  We said we weren’t hungry at all and then we ate the whole thing.  Our server brought out this wonderful fluffy soufflĂ© and when he set it down on the table, he cut a hole in the middle and poured this raspberry sauce inside.  HEAVEN.

All in all, it was a wonderful date night and the food was absolutely delicious.  If you’re local, I would recommend doing the deal that is 5 courses.  You split 3 a la carte items (apps or salads), an entree, and a dessert.  We could have been completely satisfied with that… but we couldn’t do that deal with our Groupon. 


Hope you all had an enjoyable Wednesday!

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  1. You ordered exactly what I would have; I also love me some salt! I could eat scallops every date night! And I'm not a fan of mojitos either. They are too pulpy.


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