Monday, May 30, 2011

A Hint of Summer

Happy Monday!  Were you one of the lucky people with a day off today?  I hope so!  I really enjoy any time that I have a Monday off.  It’s so nice to not get the “Sunday Blues.”  How did you spend Memorial Day?

We started with a trip to Home Depot to get some yard work supplies.  We needed new garden hoses and a few other items.  It was already hot and HUMID at 10:00 a.m. this morning!  I knew we were going to have to get to the pool!

We got a little yard work done, and then it was time to head to Ryan’s parents for lunch. 




Sadie always likes to enjoy her lunches “picnic-style” with her cousin Jerry!

Then we finally made it to the pool.  I think that the only way to deal with South Carolina summer heat is to be in water.  I’m a little worried… it’s already pretty hot… and we haven’t even gotten to JUNE yet!  Yikes!  It was SUPER crowded at the pool, but I don’t mind the crowds too much. 


Sadie played and played… and finally passed out.  Ryan said, “Well, I guess the pool won today!”


Here’s Ryan trying out one of the water slides.

We stopped by the Farmer’s Market on the way home to grab a few items. 



I LOVE fresh cherries.



And we enjoyed some corn cooked on the grill tonight.  So delicious. 


Ok… now on to my Summer Blog Project… Some of you guessed it!

I featured this photo yesterday…


… which is my Grandmother’s recipe box.  My Grandmother Dixie was such a wonderful cook.  Our visits to our grandparents’ house were always filled with delicious meals.  This summer, I’m going to be cooking my way through it.  I’m really looking forward to making some of the recipes that I always remember her making for us, like Chicken Divan… but I also can’t wait to cook some of the recipes she had in there that I have never tried!  And I actually tried out one recipe on Saturday!  You’ll have to check back in tomorrow to get that recipe and see photos.

I’m looking for a name for my summer project.  My grandmother’s name was Helen Dixon, but everyone called her Dixie.  I was thinking about “Dining with Dixie,” but I am not sure if that’s the right name.  I need to sleep on it.  Any ideas???

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  1. It is so fun to read about that exciting day! I still have trouble believing it is real. We are so excited to begin planning our wedding. Thanks for a wonderful weekend!


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