Saturday, May 14, 2011

Balle Balle!

Last night, I had the most unique experience! You guys all know how much Zumba I am always doing, and I love it.  But last night, instead of spending the evening doing Latin-inspired dancing… I spent the evening doing Indian-inspired dancing!

This was truly an aqmazing experience.  The dance-fitness company that I have been training with hosted a Masala Bhangra Master Class with Sarina Jain!  Now, a few weeks ago, I had never heard of Masala Bhangra OR Sarina.  However, when I heard that she was coming, I started doing some research.  Sarina Jain is the creator of this Indian-inspired dance-fitness style and company.  It incorporates movements from Bhangra and Bollywood into a very high-energy and FUN workout! 


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We were lucky to not only get to participate in a Master Class, but to have the owner and creator there to teach us!  In her introduction, Sarina told us how she lost her father to a heart attack, and how that experience opened her eyes to the need to bring exercise to the Indian people.  Masala Bhangra deeply reflects the Indian culture.

Click here to learn more about Masala Bhangra!

Here’s a great action shot of the entire group during the class.  My friend Diana took this amazing photo!  Isn’t it awesome?  Can you find me in it?  I am in the right portion.  I am wearing all black.

Sarina in Action

Here is our group after the workout!  (We looked prettier BEFORE the workout.  It was a REAL workout!)

Sarina Group

(Thanks to my friend Erica for this photo!)

So… what do you do after a Masala Bhangra workout?  You go eat Indian Food!  This was truly a night of firsts for me, as I have NEVER eaten in an Indian Restaurant!


Diana was our food guru.  She worked some kind of magic and the restaurant kept bringing us all kinds of goodies, like fresh naan!



My favorite things were the Chana Masala (top left), Chilli Chicken (middle), and that green veggie dumpling thing at the top. 

So it was a complete cultural experience and a very fun night!  I am looking forward to Sarina’s return in August!

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  1. That was so awesome how they kept bringing out yummy food for us!! Love that place! :)


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