Saturday, May 14, 2011

Amici Italian Lovin’ Oven

So after the ordeal with the thunderstorms and all the power outages… it was time for a night with the girls. 

On Thursday, I headed to Oakland Baptist to teach Zumba and found that they were having electrical issues AND the air conditioner was not working correctly.  Oof.  So let’s just say that we were all VERY sweaty when it was all over.  No post-workout sauna visit needed!  After a few minutes of conversation with another fellow instructor, I was off for a girls’ dinner at a relatively new restaurant in Rock Hill: Amici Italian-Lovin Oven.  I promise, that is the real name!

Amici popped up in a shopping center close to our house around Christmastime, but we just haven’t been able to try it out. 

Luckily, Kate brought baby Ryan, so we had fun making funny faces at him and passing him around!


Meredith and Kate


Angie and Baby Ryan, Mandy P, and Me (Isn’t it sad that I am gross and sweaty at every get-together???)

We started with the shrimp and crab dip with flat bread.  This was delicious!  It had a melted cheese topping and it was really rich and tasty!  And there were whole shrimp in there!




I was really torn between getting pizza and pasta.  In the end, I got pasta because I felt like we’ve had pizza a good bit lately.  I decided on Baked Spaghetti.




It was also delicious.  By the time we got finished… someone was getting sleepy!


I would definitely go back to Amici again!  It had a nice atmosphere and you’d never know it used to be a video rental store!  AND… lucky me… I have a Groupon saved for Amici… so I can go back with Ryan and Sadie!  :)

Next up… an Indian-Themed Evening!


  1. Now, I realized how I missed eating lasagna. The images made me think of ordering one.

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  2. There is something amazing about lasagna isn't there? It is such great comfort food. Now I want some, too!


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