Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What Would YOU Make with a Cardboard Box?

Guess what… I got my hair did!  Wanna see?

Here’s the work in progress…


and the finished product.  I decided to go a little lighter with some highlights.  Now that it’s spring, I thought it was time to lighten up!


It looks like I am standing in the doorway of Heaven or something here, doesn’t it?


Thank you, Salon Namaan!

Now… any guesses what I made with the cardboard box???

If you guessed it was a light box, you were right!  I have been wanting to make one forever to help me take better food pictures, and today I finally had a few minutes to do it.


I took a box.  I cut a big hole in the top and on the right and left side, leaving the front open.  I covered the holes with white tissue paper.  Then I attached three lamps.  The tissue helps to diffuse the light so it looks natural. 

I wanted to try out a test shot right away, so I used this nice, ripe tomato for my first photo in the light box.



I used 60-watt daylight bulbs.  I think I may try some brighter bulbs later on, just to see which “formula” yields the best results.

But here are a few dinner pics, so you can see the light box in action.



Some fabulous potatoes from Trader Joe’s.  They are sooooooo good! (And this is my favorite dinner photo! Completely un-edited!)





Props to the hubby, who made this meal when I was on the way home from teaching Zumba!  Potatoes and crispy Tilapia!

I think I need to get some nice white and black fabric for the background.  And maybe some other fun backgrounds.  I’ve got a lot of food photography stuff to learn—I am no no means a pro at all!  But I have a great photographer cousin, who has been sending me helpful tips!  (You should check out his blog, Occasional Glimpses to see some of his wonderful photographs!)

OK, friends!  Have a great night!

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  1. Love your light box! Very cool and I'll be anxious to see all the photos you take as well as your change of backgrounds...have fun being creative with food & photography!


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