Sunday, March 13, 2011

One Busy Child-Free Weekend

Did you remember to set your clock ahead?  I always have a hard adjustment when we change the clocks.  It’s crazy how much difference one little hour can make!

This weekend was a busy, child-free weekend!

Friday afternoon, Ryan and I took a ride to Gaffney to meet Leenie and Poppy at the Outlets.  They were taking Sadie to stay with them for the weekend.  Sadie has really been looking forward to her trip to Greenville.  I am sure she is having lots of fun as I write this post.  She was hoping for a trip to the Greenville Zoo.  Just about every time we go to Greenville, Sadie takes a trip to the Zoo!  Anyway, we had a quick dinner with Leenie and Poppy at Cracker Barrel and then we parted ways. 


Sadie enjoyed riding the merry-go-round.


And we played with the big checkerboard.


Saturday morning, I was up early to sub for another Zumba Instructor.  I taught a very high-energy class with lots of fun ladies!  It was a great way to start a Saturday.  Then it was time to come home, shower, and head out for more Zumba!  This time, I was headed to a workshop with the dance-fitness company I am training to work with.  It was actually a really fun workshop and I learned so much!

As soon as the workshop ended, I had to make a quick wardrobe change and get on the road for my friend Meredith’s wedding! 


It was a beautiful wedding with a really fun reception!  The food was great…



and we all especially liked these chicken tenders that had sort-of a tempura batter.  We ate just a few of them. 


It was fun seeing all our friends, dancing, and chatting.






I really liked the “signature drink” they served.  (Can you tell?)


Instead of having a full bar, they had beer, wine, and one signature cocktail.  I thought that was a great idea!  The drink was fruity but not overly sweet—with grapefruit juice, which I love! 

In fact, we had such a good time that we decided to skip church this morning.  It’s not often that we can sleep in.  So Ryan and I enjoyed a breakfast alone at one of our favorite local breakfast spots: The Little Cafe.


Of course, when you lose an hour of sleep, you start with coffee.


And Ryan caught up on the news.


I decided on a Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Sandwich on wheat toast.  Perfect!!!



Now I am enjoying a free moment and resting up before I head out to Zumba and then to pick up Sadie.  The weather is amazing today!  The high will be around 75 degrees!  Wow!

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  1. I LOVE the new look of your blog!!! So cute. I have say, I envy your child-free weekend. Sounds wonderful and it looks like you had a blast!


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